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It really is IMPORTANT

Hi everyone. As you might know, I recently joined a new community called ljunited that's dedicated to working towards defending and restoring the original promises made to LiveJournal's members, standing up for free speech on LJ, and restoring community participation in the operations of LiveJournal. It's our goal to work together over the long term to build a diverse movement of people with the power to influence the decisions of LJ's management to prevent the kind of problems we have seen so many of LJ's members face over the past few years.

LJUnited overwhelmingly endorsed rm , a really great candidate, as their choice for the LJ Advisory Board elections, and she's doing very well, but needs your help. I hope you'll consider voting now and making her either your candidate of choice, or your second choice.

Please take a few seconds to vote, and thanks!

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LiveJournal Advisory Board Elections

I support rm to be my representative on the Advisory Board.

Show your support at lj_election_en.

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Read this beautifully written post. It was a wonderful Pride weekend. Perfect weather, and all things good.
This is Dien, writing for Paul.
I really recommend it. Seriously.
If You Could Read My Mind...

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We finally got our pocket watch. 1870s, sterling silver, keywind. Big and heavy. It does not have a hunter case, but it has a thick crystal and clear dial. It has a shield on the back for an initial and has not been engraved yet. It ticks, and it is ticking still, which is very satisfying. It takes a key to wind it and a key to set it, and it has a little dial to adjust it, should it become slow or fast. The maker is H. Samuel of Manchester. I shall have to shine it up. It is beautiful. We also got grey spats. When the computer works again I will post pictures.

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In other news, I got my moo cards yesterday.
100 cards, full colour, with up to 100 different pictures on the one side and six lines of information on the other. Printed and shipped in a week from Britain. They are matte and thick with a smooth finish on both sides. $20.
Here is the site.
Here are my card designs.

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We arrive at the Jamboree! With Bunny (for John).
Stan Kramien is a gentleman of the old style, gracious and a paragon of class and hospitality. His family was in Vaudeville, which of course impresses us no end. He puts on this fantastic event each year with the help of his wife and children, and grandchildren I believe, who work incredibly hard all weekend for all of us, doing all the cooking and infinity of tasks to ensure performances, contests, lectures, meals and comfort are all perfect. And they are perfect. I believe Stan's son built this whole complex just so that his father could put on this incredible event each year. Food and alcohol is included. And both are very very good. It was the Twentieth Anniversary Jamboree. You will see a photo of Stan himself, below.
Again cut for many pictures, albeit smallish onesCollapse )

There is, of course, more coming! The hotel and the giant circus animals and all. This is all for today (most likely).

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Pictures! With Bunny (for John).
Cut for many photos. Please click here.Collapse )
That is enough photos to put in a single post. In the next post we will actually arrive at the jamboree.

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  • Mostly, of course, I have been working. Good news - our contract has been extended until Sept. 28, so I will have work after April and can (I surely hope) go to California in September. Our End of Filing Season Party is May 4th, and we get an extra half hour for lunch and get to leave at 3:30 pm. There will be a lunch, a dinner, a game show and a casino with play money.
  • I am continuing to investigate rabbits for John. rilwyn offered the information that one can actually hold them and pet them and cuddle them, which is certainly attractive.
  • We had our Magic Union executive meeting on Wednesday in Coquitlam. I lost my iPod shuffle (the great sadness).
  • Thursday osmie and rilwyn made a lovely supper for my (belated) birthday. Portobello mushroom burgers and salad and a great birthday cake with sparklers. iridescentpixie and G11 were also there. There was also whiskey, or more properly scotch sampling. Drinking Abelour was very reminiscent of catching a snowflake on one's tongue. Laphroaig tasted of peat fires and was indeed the whiskey equivalent of Lapsang Souchong tea. I liked them both very much indeed. I met a cat for whom I felt an affinity, for once, actually. Sebastian. He is white and beautiful and thin with gold eyes. He seemed to like me too, to my immense gratification.
  • Last night Bubble Boy was on the television. Today I got my hair cut for the exciting trip to Magic Camp. It looks just like the Bubble Boy's. It will grow (soon I hope.) *refuses to move hat*
  • I am playing Kingdom of Loathing again, having been reintroduced by dien. There is a wealth of shiny newness, and my old characters are still there. Derry and JohnHenryHolliday. Come and play - it is really brilliant! Look me up! Join my clan! It is The Moxious Pumpkins!
  • I have a fine Welsh song to learn.
  • There was a story on the news last summer that was intriguing. I immediately resolved to buy some on my next excursion to the US. And I was truly planning this for, lo, almost a year. This Thursday, dropping by Safeway, what did I find but Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme? I tried an experiment whereby I made a piece of toast with three stripes of the following flavour sensational spreads: 1) plain Fluff. 2) Fluffernutter (fluff and peanut butter) 3) Fluff and Nutella. Unfortunately they were all inedible, but it was very entertaining and diverting.
  • THIS JUST IN fromdien, via john_h_holliday for your viewing pleasure.

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I am very pleased and proud of my colour, though it is not one of my general favourites in terms of actual hue. It does sound like me.

you are khaki

Your dominant hues are red and green, so you're definately not afraid to get in and stir things up. You have no time for most people's concerns, you'd rather analyze with your head than be held back by some random "gut feeling".

Your saturation level is lower than average - You don't stress out over things and don't understand people who do. Finishing projects may sometimes be a challenge, but you schedule time as you see fit and the important things all happen in the end, even if not everyone sees your grand master plan.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

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Go to IMDB.com and look up 10 of your favorite films.
Post three official IMDB "Plot Keywords" for these 10 picks.
Have your friends guess the show/movie names.

no movies that dien used.
neither tombstone nor wyatt earp nor hour of the gun nor gunfight at the ok corral.

In alphabetical order by first keyword:

1)Brotherhood/Train Robbery/Gunfight
2)Carnival/Aging/Good Versus Evil Something Wicked this Way Comes, guessed by castallia
3)Coal Mine/Shootout/Sermon
4)Confederacy/Stonewall Jackson/Virginia Military Institute
5)Damascus/British Colonial/War Lawrence of Arabia, guessed by winterlion
6)French Revolution/Singing/Chaos
7)Murder/Opium/London England
8)Plantation/Southern Reconstruction/Death Gone with the Wind, guessed by castallia
9)Stagecoach Robbery/Jealousy/Moral Transformation

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John had a rather fine experience with rabbits over the holiday weekend, and now wishes to have a rabbit. Does anyone here know about the physical and emotional care of rabbits? I have only an extremely limited experience with my cousin's once upon a time. Are they social? The ferrets were, despite my best efforts, sadly asocial - I would not quite go so far as to say anti-social. We are not absolutely set on having a rabbit, or more likely a non-breeding pair thereof, but we are considering it. I could also remove a rabbit from my hat in classic form, as an additional benefit.

I finally made what I consider to be a decent icon for Bran, after several false starts.

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Here is a very fine You Tube video of one of my best friends in our magic club. Henry Tom. He is a dentist. It was the award winning performance for stage magic this year - a very classic and simple yet elegant routine of 'Torn and Restored Newspaper,' 'The Professor's Nightmare,' and 'The Linking Rings' which is also the name of the IBM's monthly journal. It also shows many cool people in our magic club, were you ever curious as I carry on about it.
I am not imbedding it, for the loading time and clutter.

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I'm ill again. I'm never ill, except this year. I am not going to stay home from work, damnitz. I may, on the other hand, have to miss my magic meeting tomorrow, and it is going to be really cool, damnitz.

Your Name: Denzil
Famous Musical Artist/Group: Thomas Moore. Wanna fight?
Three-Letter Word: lux
Colour: complex grey
Gifts/Present: Blanket! I have a blanket! I named it Simon.
Vehicle: I do not have a vehicle. What would I like? *considers* A Deusenberg. With a driver.
TV Show: Columbo? I, Claudius? Is that a TV show if it is a miniseries? Boston Legal? *hugs new DVDs*
Country: Cornwall!
Boy Name: John says Gabriel! *nods approvingly* I used to say Sammael, but have been convinced otherwise.
Girl Name: Evadne, maybe, or Rasmine. Again - I used to say Sammael, but have been convinced otherwise.
Alcoholic Drink: Well, we like scotch, but I have a nice bottle of Southern Comfort. *considers making a mint julep*
Occupation: Magician? Not yet. Historian? Dentist? not yet. Aha! Agent of her Majesty the Queen. *beams proudly*
Flower: Violets, I think, but I might change my mind at any time. They remind me of my grandmothers.
Celebrity: Christopher Walken!
Food: steak with mushrooms and roast potatoes and green beans. I know it is a little boring, but mmmmm.
Something Found in a Kitchen: *goes to try to espy a tolerable item*
Reason for Being Late: "I tried to fill the time with more activities than it would actually hold..."
Something You Shout: "Argh!" I got it from Peanuts.

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So, Supper at the Bo Kong! Friday at er, lets say seven to be safe! 3068 Main Street! Delicious... oooh, mmmmm, so-delicious vegetarian Chinese cuisine. mmmmm. aaaaah. How very wonderful it will be to see you, if you answered MY POLL, and if not you are still welcome! And dien is coming, though of the aether!

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Today is my birthday. I am home from work. I had been hoping to go with you, my friends, to the Bo Kong, a delightful restaurant, but my birthday is sandwiched between the Weathertop Con and the Trumpeters Con, once again. Might anyone be interested in going there to dine with me next week, perhaps Friday? I work, of course, and the earliest I could arrive at said location would be 6:30.
Poll #942684 Bo Kong

Might you join me at the Bo Kong next Friday and perhaps go afterwards for ice-cream at the relatively near Casa Gellato?

Yes, that would be grand.
Thursday would be better for me.
Saturday would be better for me.
I would like to come but I live in another country or continent.
I would like to come but am unable to do so.
That would be grand - though I live in another country, I am of the aether and shall attend anyway.
I love teh clicky box.

I clicked on another option above, but I still love teh clicky box.

Both of the above
Neither of the above (note: these are not radio buttons)

March 1 was Saint David's Day. He is patron Saint of Wales. He performed a mircle where he was speaking to a crowd of people. When those at the back could not hear him, he raised up a hill beneath him so they could see and hear, and a dove alit on his shoulder. He donated a saphire altar to Glastonbury Cathedral (to which Joseph of Arimathea is said to have brought the cup of the last supper).

March 5th was Saint Perran's Day. He is the patron Saint of Cornwall. He discovered the smeting of tin in hs fireplace, where the tin ran in the form of a silver cross, quartering the stone of his hearth. He is also said to have floated over from Ireland on a millstone, though it is likely this was a coracle.

March 7 was my Grandmther's - my Oma's - birthday. Marichen Magdalene Ute Rasmine Asche. I believe she was born in 1911 in Flensborg, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland. She was a weaver and potter and artist and attended art school in the Weimar Rpublic before WWII, and she later taught these at the Banff School for Fine Arts. She came in 1933, I believe, to the hideous Alberta prairie. Her father and family were dentists and seamen. She spoke at least fifteen languages, including some 'dead' ones. If one considers the time differences between Germany and Canada, we have the same birthday.

March 13 Will be my best Uncle's birthday. I believe he will be 68 or 69.

March 14 will be my faher's birthday. He is 76.

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audial solace: Adam Harasiewicz - Preludio No 25

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None of you have accepted his offer, but you are surely as welcome to accept mine.
From ynez_castillo
Comment here and I will make you an icon or a ficlet. It might be of you, or how I perceive you; it might be of one of your interests; it might just be something that reminds me of you; it might even be completely random. I may use or make anything.
And then you post this in your journal! Huzzah!

I know I never made art in the art 'meme' but this is much more possible and I shall really make these. Most likely they will be icons, for the most part.

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Can't sleep.

I loved her so much.

I have feigned some measure of nonchalance, being tuff, but I miss her and want her, and I still wake up and can't sleep for crying.

Thank you all so much for your sympathy and good wishes. They do mean a lot. On the one hand I want to go out to see you and talk about her and be comforted. On the other, I can't bear to do that. On the other, I don't want to be pathetic.

Did you ever read Thornton Wilder? I read him when I was very young and know to appreciate and pay attention. So it has been five years of loving the puppy. I never even looked at her without marvelling that she was alive and there with me. I always looked at her fur like Van Gogh brush-strokes and held her little feet, like holding hands. I always gave her a hug when she asked for one, and she would just come up, so many times a night, just for a hug, and then go sit down again, happy. I always looked at her sleeping - heard the little sounds and movements she made when she dreamed. I always fondled her little ears, with wonder. So amazingly soft and flexible and alive and warm and long and floppy. And she had this little spiral whorl of white fur in the centre of her chest I liked to turn around with my finger. I liked to touch her nose, and then her ear and her tail, and her paws and tell her their names. And when I hugged her, I smelled the back of her neck, because she never ever smelled like a dog, but like a little puppy, and she always looked just like one too.

I don't know about stages of grief. I just miss her and do not feel disbelief, anger, or any of those other things. I just miss her and want her and she is not here. Every motion I make, I realise is geared partially towards the puppy and loving her and keeping her safe - the way I eat and walk in the house, the way I come in the door. I realise that every time I went upstairs, the puppy would follow me up, and if I went in a room and closed a door, she would wait outside for me to come out, and when I went downstairs she would race me, but because I was slow, with bad feet, she would wait for me too on the landing. Every time she would do this. Every time. And if she was sleeping she would wake up. Now, I go upstairs - so simple - and there is no puppy. Every time, when I was out and came home, she would charge up and practically leap into my arms, and I would hug her and hug her and say 'kisses' and she would lick me and I would kiss her. Every single time. Now I come home and... nothing. I used to make up little songs I sang to her.

She was so sweet too. She was not just incredibly beautiful - to the extent that I could hardly believe it, when I looked at her - she was so kind. She never barked, except if someone came to the door, or if she was chasing something at the park. So quiet. She only howled once. Her little mouth was so gentle - I could put my hand in and she would never bite down. I played a game where she would get quite excited. I would try to grab her little paws and she would try to grab my hands with her mouth. It was always jolly and lively and challenging, but when she caught me it was such a gentle holding. She like sometimes to find dried leaves, and you know how fragile they are. But she would pick them up and carry them about for an hour or two without crushing or breaking them. She loved running in the leaves. She used to bound through them, and the sound and sensation of depth made her so very happy. And she was so excited by snow. She would run around and around and then she would find a place where it was deep and she would stick her whole head in, up to her neck, and she would do that again and again.

She could talk. If she wanted something, she would come and look at me and then look at what she wanted and then at me, until I got the idea. I believe she thought it was hypnosis. She wanted so much to understand and if I talked to her - told her a story or explained something to her - like an idea - she would put her head on one side and listen and try to understand with such concentration. And she was so good at sitting, which she learned so very very quickly, if I had something she wanted, she would just sit right there and look up at me all trust and waggy tail. When I went to pick her up to take her outside she was always ready and I only had to touch her side with my palm and she would leap up into my arms.

I did everything for her. I fed her - everything she ate was what I gave her. Yummy organic dog food, yummy organic hand-baked doggy treats. I know I gave her Scooby-Snacks, but that was just because I like Scooby Doo. I took her on walks, and she was so eager to go. I couldn't ever say the word 'walk' unless we were really going, because she wanted to go so very much she would be there all 'sitting' and tail-wagging, all hopeful, and I would so hate to disappoint her. I used to take her in the mornings before work, before I started this job, and often in the evening too. And anytime she wanted to go out in the yard, she would just come and look at it, and at me, and I would let her out. And when she wanted to come in, she would just 'woof'. With this new job, I did take my poor puppy on fewer walks. This does make me sad, to think the puppy missed some walks. I always wanted to take her to the beach more, but it means a taxi-ride, and that is hard and expensive. She would run after the waves as they retreated, and then they would chase her back. it was so exciting for her. She loved the water and baths, but she never learned to swim. I'd take her to Trout Lake, and she'd look enviously at big dogs swimming, and go out as deep as she could in the water. It was nice and cool in the hot summer, and one could scarcely drag her away. Big off-leash dogs often pounced on her and scared her very much, but she was always curious about them.

She was so sweet walking, exploring with surety, but delicacy. Curious and tentative, but always trying, always going to see what new things there were. She was the little puppy, learning, and that is the way she was outside, discovering new things. She always ran at birds and once she caught a crow. She was so surprised she let it go at once. She walked with a little trot almost. An unusual little gait, and her ears swung back and forth when she walked, like little warm floppy disc-like pendulums. I got her when she was a tiny puppy, to fit in my hands - picked her out of photographs with her little demure lashes and careful little paws even as a very newborn puppy. She was different than the others - so sweet. I miss her so much. So much. So much. I taught her to eat from a food bowl, how to go up stairs, and how do tricks like sit and lie down and walk on her hind legs. I had a special whistle to call her, or encourage her to hurry - a double whistle like the street-lights, because the sound meant 'go'. I can't hear a street light without missing her. I'd call 'Daisy! Come!' in a happy voice, and she would come zinging at me and throw herself in my arms - always, as many times as I wanted. Every time I cooked she would be right there, on her back legs with her nose looking up at me, and everything I ate, I'd feed her some, about the size of a pencil eraser, or maybe more, so she could taste everything. And she's lick my fingers, and I would breath at her nose so she could smell food on my breath. Just so she could experience it. And she always looked up at me so pleased and happy.

She slept a lot in my blankets. She'd make little nests, walking around and pulling them into nest shapes. Ooh, a puppy nest! Or she would wrap herself completely in a blanket, so maybe you could see just the end of her nose, or maybe not even that. She loved to sleep on my lap. Or to sit next to me and lean on me. She loved it when the furnace came on, and she would press against the old iron vents, with her ears blowing gently in its breeze, until one side of her was very hot. She'd always look for a sunbeam to sleep in when it was bright. And you could see al the little grains of her hairs so clearly. She always wanted to sleep with me, and it makes me so sad she was never allowed, for it was what I wanted too, so Much. In the mornings she would come bounding and when I put her on the bed with me she would bound in the covers, so happy and excited, and then she would sleep with me when I read. Or f I had a nap in the day, she would sleep with me.

At least the puppy was never once ill, never once hurt. She knew no pain and I always gave her a hug, whenever she asked. She was loved So Much and cuddled and admired always. At least, at least, she had a happy little life. I feel no guilt. I feel no regret. I appreciated her and marvelled at her always. But I miss her so much. I miss her so much. She loved me, and you know... its all just empty now. At least I've stopped crying at work. But I still just want to scream 'I want my puppy'. And, I can't really sleep, etc. so well. she really was the cutest puppy in the world. And she was so smart and kind too and loving. It was like living with an archetype - a Platonic Form of 'Puppy'. She was like a living Old Master painting. A Rembrandt. Not just visually, but all of her. Look at the picture! And she was nearly five years old! Five years of all this! When I was sad she used to love me and lick my face. And now she is gone. And she isn't even there to comfort me, now I am so very sad.

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Dr. John H. Holliday, DDS has a mood theme!
Some pictures are weak, but there are 132 pictures!
Likely I will change some.
There are only five pictures of John (approximately), so these are screen captures of John as portrayed in various movies. I am not especially attached to any of the movies as in any way accurate, except Gone with the Wind, perhaps. These are, in alphabetical order:
Gone with the Wind
Gunfight at the OK Corral
Hour of the Gun
Stories of the Century: Doc Holliday
Wyatt Earp

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This 'meme' consists of the following:

  1. Submit your name and "needs" into Google, in the form "Denzil needs"
  2. Post the first ten sentences that appear.
  • Open to offers as Denzil needs an understanding and sympathetic home that can give him the time he deserves and to bring out his full potential.
    We should be so lucky.
  • Denzil needs 30 more points to win a game.
    That does not seem so many. I'm sure I'll be fine. What is the game?
  • Denzil needs some new scripts.
    No. I like mine.
  • Denzil needs Alcohol to exist.
    It is a pleasure, not a requirement! C'mon!
  • Denzil needs to write some recommendations!
    Well, yes, I am sure I do.
  • Denzil needs rescuing.
    Oh yeah? Wanna FIGHT?
  • Peckham Parcels are very busy and Denzil needs some help.
    I did not know I had a shipping business, but if I do, I have been neglecting it and could surely use at least advice for I know 0 about it. It does please me though, for it makes me feel like I work for Welles Fargo.
  • Looks like Denzil needs a few more inches to get the job done satisfactorily.
    What a polite understatement.
  • Denzil needs the help of the players.
    Context please!
  • Denzil needs the war to cement his position as usurper.
    It would seem quite likely one needs a war in order to usurp. What is the nature of this position I am seizing?
  • Denzil needs to meet a woman!
    Probably more than one. But to which one is this referring, and why must I meet her?
  • But of course Denzil needs a job there first, so pray for us would ya?
    Uh, thank you kindly, but I like the job I have now.

I know there are twelve here, not ten, but there were only twelve under my name altogether, so I just added them all.

Nulli Virtute Secundus

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my puppy was hit by a car and died last night.

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In 2007, gwyryon resolves to...
Start a scotch fund.
Keep my erdnase clean.
Be nicer to estrellada.
Admit my true feelings to wandawonka.
Buy new pocket watches.
Go singing three times a week.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Oh, here are my randomly generated resolutions.
A scotch fund is a great idea. My Erdnase is shockingly worn - I should purchase a new copy. I surely should be nicer to estrellada, perhaps talk to her more often. I cannot imagine I have not been forthright with wandawonka. What can I have left out? I must really try to buy a pocket watch this year. I don't know about 'going' singing, but I should sing 3 times a week, at least.

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Well I have had a beautiful Christmas. And yes, as a good Catholic, I can say that. It began with the Solstice party at Liam and Paula's. Well, actually it began with three potlucks at work and permission to leave early on the 22nd. And the Gingerbread house competition. I brought the 'house' from our team to the solstice. I wish I had taken a photo. It was Rivendell done in graham crackers with leaves, stairways, arched windows, and pillars and all! It was designed by a young woman on our team who is an engineer, not myself, so I may say it was beautiful.

The party was fantastic. Everyone was there (well, nearly everyone) and there was brilliant singing and a fire and ritual and great food and conversation. I said 'hello' to breklor and andi_sunrider and anna_would and estrellada. Oh, it has been a long time since I saw everyone! I played Cramium with Gareth10, givemesodapop, his girlfriend, and some children. aceofbirds and theturtlemoves were there with Mister, and it was so brilliant to see them again. We've not had gaming and I've missed them so. Mister reached for my little silver whiskey cup and drank the tiny bit of whiskey and liked the cup so much he would scarcely let go, and with the greatest smile. It was fantastic. williamwithnail was back from various sojourns, and it was also fantastic to see him again. I had a fine and wonderful conversation with osmie and hundun. The singing was brilliant. Everyone sang and there is something so unifying and fulfilling about that. I drank a little too much (two flasks) for once.

I went to Mass on Christmas eve with Jon Paul et al. It was also very fine. The carols were the beautiful and surprising Welsh In a Cradle, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night, O Come, all Ye Faithful, and Lullay Lullay Thou Little Tiny Child.

I went to Christmas dinner at Jon Paul's also, with all the attendant good familial cheer and good food. I brought a trifle and crackers, and all the things for the family. Quite jolly. I had meant to play carols on my recorder, but in truth there was not time.

I got my joyous Yuletide story and was very pleased with it indeed. Come Therefore in Good Time, if you should like to read it. It is based on Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising series. The Yuletide story exchange was just wonderful, and I do recommend it to everyone and anyone next year. Here is the full collection of stories, sorted mostly by the sources on which they were based. There is a wild variety, and 1052 stories were uploaded this year alone. I uploaded mine on time also! I've been reading stories ever since Christmas.

Tomorrow is the New Year's party with osmie and rilwyn.

current result of affect: chipper festive

I have not updated for some time.

My new job is excellent. I am answering helping people with difficulties and questions about The Canadian Child Tax Benefit and the GST rebates. The teacher said in the training, "The children of this country need me." And, "If you do not want to be a responsible parent, this is not the job for you." So I can feel proud and so happy. And it is endless logic puzzles all day trying to solve people's problems. True, a lot of the people are upset. But it is surely not my fault and I can use etiquettetm. It is not an easy job, but I am very happy with it.

My team mates are excellent. Two of them are from Persia and are teaching me Farsi. Once upon a time I meant to learn it and now here is a handy chance. Today I learned the colours. We've had a potluck and a desert day and whatnot. They are all very helpful, for truly, there is a lot to know. I've a desk where I can put photos of John and a computer and locker, and the view is brilliant - forest and mountains.

I finished and uploaded my story for Yuletide, so I can be happy about that.

I've not had time of late, but I do miss so many activities. Hopefully I will be able to go to the Yule party Friday.

Daisy ran way last weekend - but fortunately some nice woman found her and actually called me from the telephone number on her tag. Phew!

I am still writing for John, of course. I am still practicing cards, of course. Of course I am!
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Dear New Secret Santa,
Thank you for volunteering to write a story for me for Yuletide! Especially at the last moment. I am still very excited.
HERE is my super secret letter, just to you!
I'd filter it for you, but alas - it is impossible.
Yours Truly,

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And I should have written. What was I thinking? Lack of research! Don't postpone, kids! If you have a favourite author, and you have something to say to them, write to them now, while they are still alive. When I was in high school, and indeed later, and indeed now, the one book at the top of my list to take to a desert island was Walker Percy's Lost in the Cosmos. It is better than it looks and is crammed with wit, irony, pain, humour, and not turning a blind eye to anything. This is also true of his other books - Signposts in a Strange Land and Message in a Bottle and The Moviegoer, the last of which is a novel. (Despite what I say do not read The Thanatos Syndrome, despite the title, whatever you do.) Now, I had a great deal to say to this gentleman, and wrote and rewrote. I gave Lost in the Cosmos to dien recently and she found the part about John* I had missed lo all these long years. So, I could have written to him about that as well. I missed the chance.

Now, I happened to look at his wikipedia entry this morning, casually wondering how they would portray the gentleman. And it turns out that Shelby Foote, the brilliant chronicler of the Civil War, who had so impressed me in the otherwise mediocre Civil War DVD set by Ken Burns from PBS, was Walker Percy's best friend, from early youth! His novel Shiloh was dedicated to Walker Percy, but I had thought nothing of it at the time, since the man is a Great Southern Writer tm. But no - genuine best friends. And Shelby Foote died last year. So I missed my second chance, and with that probably a chance to discuss John with someone Great who would have known why Doc Holliday without my having to begin at the beginning, which I've not managed to do, as of yet. And there would have been a built-in language, because so much of my thought was adapted from Percy. And I should have been able to present my impressions of the Civil War - and the effects in some specific details on a boy of that time - to a knowledgeable gentleman who would have been able to judge their validity, though I am a very junior student thereof.

So, I should have written to this man, even more than John's cousin. And of course I did not. Should I write to his cousin? I am still torn. It seems presumptuous and as someone said, though in other words, perhaps my enthusiasm is too keen.

*"The Southern writer who put Valdosta behind him as fast and far as Doc Holliday and roamed the world from Martha's Vineyard to Cuernevaca now at last has a hankering for home. And goes home - for awhile. It's one thing to develop a nostalgia for home while you're boozing with Yankee writers in Martha's Vineyard or being chased by bulls in Pamplona. It's something else to go home and visit with the folks in Reed's drugstore on the square and actually listen to them. The reason you can't go home again is not because the down-home folks are mad at you - don't flatter yourself, they couldn't care less - but because once you're in orbit and you return to Reed's drugstore on the square, you can stand no more than fifteen minutes of the conversation before you head to the woods, head for the liquor store, or head back to Martha's Vineyard, where at least you can put a tolerable saving distance between you and home. Home may be where the heart is, but it is no place to spend Wednesday afternoon." Walker Percy, Lost in the Cosmos, from (14) The Orbiting Self: Reentery Problems of the Transcending Self, or Why it is that Artists and Writers, some Technologists, and indeed Most People have so much Trouble Living in the Ordinary World, pages 151-152.

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I love my new shiny job.
I am in training. Oh there is so much to learn and it is all facts and laws and logic. It is so great!
In other news, meet my toes!
Hector Edward Romulan Lucien Erasmus Derry Camille Tansy Tristan and Roberta - that is the order in which they introduced themselves, not their toe order, which is below.

They have friends, you know!

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Dear Secret Santa,
Thank you for volunteering to write a story for me for Yuletide! I am very excited.
HERE is my super secret letter, just to you!
I'd filter it for you, but alas - it is impossible.
Yours Truly,

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It sounds just great. A minimum of 1000 words is not daunting.
And not only do you get a writing challenge, you get a story from any (of 3) obscure 'fandoms' you select.
And they are RARE! Things I'd never thought to see!
And you can suggest vague natures of the stories you should like to receive!
And you can make something someone else will really value!

"The goal behind Yuletide is to get a story in one of those obscure fandoms you'd love to read but can never find, while giving a fellow fan the same pleasure. This is the fourth year running the project, and we hope you have a great time participating."

The form is long but is, as a result, exceedingly comprehensive!
The deadline to register is November 2, and you will receive your assignment by November 7, and you upload the story by December 19, and receive your story December 25! The excitement!

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From onewingbloody - The Archangel Gabriel, from his chat, and john_h_holliday's, with smecker - Paul from The Boondock Saints.

Something... different. From Dr. John Holliday's other world over there.
"Beethoven was fucking -mad-, okay?"

"Not exactly meta, not exactly RP-- somewhere in between. What started as a (rather silly) meta chat game of Skinning between john_h_holliday, smecker, and onewingbloody shifted pace and ran away from us into stuff that was too deep and wrenching to leave merely as a chat. Featuring smashed!!Smecker (there was originally an actual reason he was getting drunk, but trust us, the details are not important)."

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Alright. I made some icons. I changed my icon for the time being. It is too intense to keep, but I am very fond of it for now. This is not trading out John, but rather letting him select the icon, in a way.
Cut for icons. Unlikely as it may seem, I am a fan now. It was Gabriel... And now The Deer HunterCollapse )
However unlikely that may seem.

So, I watched The Deer Hunter late last night. Oh, God. Had I known, I should have waited until I had company, or until I could seek company after. Instead I woke crying. I've not been so affected since Brokeback Mountain. But after that, I went to aceofbirds and theturtlemoves. What can I say about it? It is about... guns. And friendship. It is supposed to be about war, but war is a context and brings out friendship like few things. And it is about reaching that breaking point. It just made me feel such... loss.

I have not decided to become a Christopher Walken fan because of this movie, but for other reasons. But it surely provides further justification.

I went swimming with thatanikagirl. It was just perfect. I think we shall take it up.

John is well. He is better than well. *beams* I have new bright ideas. And he is happy.

It was thatanikagirl's birthday. It was stellar. We had a brilliant dinner at the Bo Kong, possibly my favourite restaurant. Then ice-cream. Green coconut for me and peach for John. Then we sat around eating soap. The transformer blew up behind what I laughingly refer to as my house at that point and I had to go home. Alas, for there was potential for some jolly fundraising event at the ANZA club.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. It is excellent indeed. But you have all known that for years and years I am sure. We must all watch Neverwhere some time. After The Prophecy movies now...

I have no job yet. I applied for 15 more on Friday. 15!!! And I still hold anyone is crazy if they do not want to hire me. EI ran out today. It is becoming critical.

Drinks with williamwithnail on Friday also. Whiskey at my pub. A brilliant time, of course. He told me of his travels and I told him my bright dreams.

Ohhhh, I realise I did not talk about the magic club yet. I did my tricks and the first two worked perfectly. The third worked, but I need to work on the verbal instructions for the volunteer. They were perhaps slightly less clear than I had intended. And I need to practice moving cards through my hands while standing. Not a flaw, but an awkwardness. I'd expected to be sitting. and my special new magic gesture in lieu of 'say a magic word.' And then the initiation! I was all dressed in my Victorian best (and again did not take a photo.silly me.) I cannot say what it was, for I am sworn to secrecy (no, literally, I am.) Suffice to say it was awesome and near-Masonic, with blindfolds and fantastic classical choral music, and all. I swore all the oaths. *grins* Oh, it was fantastic! And I am a real magician now (though still just a beginning apprentice in truth.) I was so glad I had dressed up in the end. williamwithnail came with me as a guest. The lecture at the beginning was merely 'alright' and then there was the longest meeting we have ever had. It went on and on and on. I was so sorry I had subjected William to it all. The competition for Halloween magic was fine and some of the magic was just great. The correct person won the trophy, which was nice to see. all the other initiates did their tricks. I was first and my cardwork was embarrassingly long by comparison. There were a number of vanished silks, for instance. But it was a loooong night. And guests were not allowed at the actual ceremony, due to its super-secret club passwords and amazing hand-shaking rituals, etc. Just kidding. Sort of. So it must have been very dull. As you can see, I am still apologetic.

Here are some jolly pictures. I hope I did not post them already.
Myself at Anika's birthday. A drawing of my hand (exagerated), and photos of my hand at Scienceworld in an animated gif.

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I do apologise. I will make artwork for bean_tighe, dien, rilwyn and moth1 presently. It may take a little. If I have forgotten anything, let me know. I have had a fever these last days and am slightly unclear. In the mean time, here are some great songs. dien posted great songs using this cool site (see below) and I am filled with enthusiasm. I can show you songs! Huzzah! Another great music site is PANDORA. I tried it using Phil Ochs and it played me rare songs by Eric Anderson and Tom Paxton and so on and so forth. Things i should never otherwise hear. Things I knew long ago but have only on vinyl. but now I present:

The rest of what I have on my hard drive you can find anywhere. The Pogues, The Clash, etc. If you want to hear one I likely have them all. Oh wait. I promised the Pogues, now I think of it...
Richard and Mimi Fariña, Phil Ochs, and Al Stewart, the Pogues and one extraCollapse )

I got a beautiful set of CDs this week, in a fevered haze, from Sikora's bargain rack. Monumental Masses. Oh, beautiful! Soaring and full! Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, Mass in C Major, and Chistus am Ölberge (Christ on the Mount of Olives) Oratorio. I got it after church, being dizzily inspired by the Gloria.

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Please answer Doc Holliday's HERE, if you would be so kind.
1.Your Middle Name:
2. Age:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band/Artist:
7. Dirty or Clean:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
Why, there are more questions below!Collapse )
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Daisy. Daze. All I did is crop it and resize it, I swear.
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Here is the advertising email that just arrived in my inbox. I wanted to share it. These are great guys though. It is a fine reputable company with wacky emails. The 'subject' above is the 'subject' of the email.

"From the most isolated tips of my nerves went a shocking tingle. The effect evolved more and more to the point I felt startled, Denzil! But consumed with excitement, knowing I would soon have the miracle's secret.

The blood-red cord is a portal that stretches from one side of the universe to the other. It links a strand of beginning and end. Its capable, coarse weave is the product of necessity.

This coin, a distant relative of hope and wonder, is a device to carry the mind from natural to supernatural. A mere reflection of light off the shimmering circle is an amazing temptation to the eye, remnant of viewing a pleasant flashback.

- The power of a puzzle wrapped in illusion!
- Unique pinwheel penetration looks impossible!
- Hosts baffling visuals and bewildering brain bashers!

Imagine the poetic entree of events, a beautiful brass coin, deeply engraved with Chinese characters and a hole through the center, penetrates the cord. On the string and off again, effortlessly, magically, in a way you've never seen before!

Jeff McBride says Ultimate Ring on String is "Extremely well made, wonderful magic." Three versions of a coin, each with its own power, feel priceless, as if polished by legends and folklore, yet molded by a method excelling in creative efficiency.

I really want you to have this, Denzil, so I've slashed the price from $100 to only $64.95 while supplies last! At this extremely low price, they won't last long. Make sure you get yours right now, the special ends Friday!"

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You must now look at THIS SITE!
It is: Latin, the Musical!
Now. Who will sing these songs with me?

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I have pruned my friends list again. It is difficult keeping up with two journals. If I have removed you, it is because I do not know you well and you make long uncut posts. If you would like to be re-instated, please do comment. I assure you it is not personal and I am not offended, simply overwhelmed. Neither do I wish to give offence.

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Alas. It is in Washington DC.
It is In Costume! The theatre is said to be Haunted!
If you happen to be in Washington DC on Oct. 30, it sounds FANTASTIC. I know it is not likely that any of you will be, but I just had to pass this on, for events could conceivably conspire for some of you such that you could be. One never knows.
A real Victorian magic show.
It is free.
*sighs jealously, yet again*
Please find the email, quoted below (it is not spam)Collapse )
Happy Birthday, Mister Morgen 1!

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I got Richard Turner's DVDs in the mail yesterday. They are wonderful. The man is as brilliant as I hoped and the DVDs show each technique, then the work for it with explanation and specific focus on one aspect, then in slow motion, then with other focus, then that in slow motion, then the technique with remarkable clarity done slowly and shot from below a glass-bottomed table, with further explanation. He shows useful things about each facet and skill, and his explanations are patient and clear. There is no rush, casualness or flash, though there is a little humour and encouragement and faith in his audience. He seems as if he would be an excellent teacher. There are so many things on each DVD, it is amazing. I do not know how they could include so much. There are five DVDs, and so much work to learn and practice!

I went down to Robson with another man from the magic circle to see Donovan again. He was Brilliant and a great guy and kindly showed me some very useful things. I stayed very late and the three of us went for coffee after.

The Planet Party was a great deal of fun. I went representing Basidium-X, as I planned. And I brought a nice mushroom dish with eggs, but I didn't dress up.

Daisy and I went to visit thatanikagirl and her dog Sammy. Daisy made a friend at long last and was so sad to leave her she was inconsolable for days and finally learned to howl. She whimpered loudly all night long.

I had a good job interview with Revenue Canada in my fine new suit. I think it went very well. It was certainly fun, which is not what one would normally expect from a job interview. I have yet to hear back, but am quite hopeful.

SFU has still not scheduled an interview for me, but I know it is simply because they are too busy. I also know i was recommended positively, so I am hopeful there too. I am trying to be patient in general. Either job would be great.

There is a course for becoming a Dental Receptionist this fall - September to December. It is $400 though, so I am still torn. I have never wanted to be a receptionist, but I badly want to work in the dental field, of course. My balloons arrived in the mail yesterday also, so I can commence with my balloon-figure tooth project. Or I could, if I pried my cards out of my hands for a second.

I have my first speech at Toastmasters tonight. It is an 'Icebreaker,' where one is to talk about oneself. Thus I will talk about John and Magic and 19 century Dentistry. I shall have to practice this afternoon. I've made transparencies, for they seem to like that. I have two photos of John, a nice page of quotes and a Faro layout. I would have liked to make the NO2 apparatus also, but the book is really far too delicate to lay on a scanner.

I shall have to do tricks at my Magic Union meeting later in the month also. I am doing 'The Piano Trick,' 'They Tell you Nothing,' and one called 'Allerchrist,' which is not very descriptive. Of course they are card tricks, for cards come first. They are simple and do not involve 'the hard stuff' or anything that has any way of going wrong.

I did not see The Illusionist yet, but good reviews are pouring in. Another magic movie called The Prestige is to be released in October, as is The Black Dahlia. it is a potentially very good movie season for once.

Sunday was a great roleplaying day. I really like the story arc - a wild combination of mixed-tech-level Sci-fi, and DnD. Forest got a rifle, and gnomish enhancements to his pistols. There was a fight, of course, but we were not able yet to rescue Unegio. Forest misses his horses. It was good to see everyone again. Little Mister will be a year old in only two days now. I can change my interest to 'mister morgen 1.' And I will be 42.5.

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A Happy Happy Birthday to you!
To you! To you!
A very very Happy Happy Birthday
To you! To you-ou-ou!
A Very Happy Birthday, allogenes, to yooooooo!

Thank you for being so brilliant and thoughtful and all.

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I have some important interviews coming up.
*crosses fingers*
williamwithnail suggested a suit, rather than my dress-pants/jacket combinations when I asked him about dressing for corporate-style interviews.
I went to Value Village today. And I found a wonderful suit. Soft black wool, The jacket is fairly fitted and relatively long with high buttons. Matching trousers, with a high waist, minimal pleats, and a button fly (!) that fit very well indeed. They are both flattering. There was no waistcoat, but I also purchased a very very fine dark red wool waistcoat, tapering with six buttons in classic arrangement that also fits perfectly. It strongly resembles the waistcoats I never made, in form. I was very pleased. I also bought a small cravat collection, but they are not silk, so I shall in reality likely not wear them so much. I also got two lesser waistcoats and some warm casual wool zip-vests for winter. Everything is a little warm for summer - that is the only drawback.
I am practicing hard, of course, and eagerly and slightly impatiently awaiting my DVDs.
Also recommended to me was a series of mysteries about 'casino game protection.' It was said to include realistic details of sleights and methods, and it surely seemed to. I was pleased. The author is James Swain. One of his characters was named Rufus Steele, which was the author of an old card book I got in Oregon that I was actually reading at the same time. That amused me no end.
I redid my bibliography for John, lost in the great computer crash. 128 books.
Drinking Magicians Circle Tomorrow. A gentleman will look at my tricks for me.
Planet Party tomorrow. I have decided, in protest of the decisions today, to represent Basidium-X of Eleanor Cameron's Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet. At least, that is most likely at this time - I reserve the right to select another planet up until the time of my actual preparations begin. But this way I can make a dish with mushrooms and eggs. 8^) If only I could look like Tyco Bass for the party, so small and bald with webbed hands...
I am going to start weight training again.

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Alright. I am raving about another magician, and so soon after the last one. williamwithnail and I found him when we went walking last night, after drinks, though of course walking at night in the city is worthwhile on its own. So, if you doubt the validity of my impressedness, I have a witness! I knew of this gentleman, but had never met him.

Donovan. This man is brilliant. He has been performing diligent magic for 31 years. And he is furthermore perspicacious and principled. I liked him, which you must know I do not say lightly. He was taught by, among other great magicians, Dai Vernon, who is legendary - possibly the greatest magician ever.

His cardwork and coinwork and cigarette-work and cups-and-balls are Incredible! He performs miracles, and not a small trick surrounded by long minutes of patter, but a cascade of astonishing tricks a minute, accompanied by humour. I say tricks, though it is not tricks, but rather what I consider to be 'real' magic. It was said of Slydini (I cannot find a decent link, but he taught this man also) that when you knew how he did his magic you were more amazed than you had been before, and it is so with this man also. It is the touchstone to me. And the more you know about magic, the more impressed with him you will be, for:

Yes! good news!

He is local and performs on Robson Street on Friday nights in front of a shoe store, the name of which I have forgotten. He has performed at the Magic Castle in LA, in Vegas, and so forth, so you are lucky.
But the most remarkable magician I have ever seen (and yes, I have seen quite a number by now) is accessibly performing on Robson Street.
It is late at night and though it is not X-rated, and he is good with children, it is not a children's show.

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Now, I know there is no one here who really cares much about magic or cards and the details thereof.
But S. P. recommended to me a gentleman, and I am so stunned by what he does and can do that I absolutely must share it anyway. He does everything in classic western gambling attire with associated accoutrements. This man does everything that I look for in obscure books that are impossible to find. And he has invented new things of similar ilk. He can deal from the centre!!! And he practices 16 hours a day, which frankly does not surprise me, for there is no other way to master what he does, but... but but but... I am near-speechless, to be honest. I have never even Heard of anyone who could do all these things. And... in addition, incidentally, as some further obscure quality: The man is blind!!!
Richard Turner.

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I called my parents tonight.

My Aunt Sheila died in Cornwall. She is a bout my parents' age, lived in Helston. We kept in such close touch I remember calling my cousin Phibbit instead of Phillip when I was very young, even from Canada. I remember their home in a huge field. It was round, and there was a small playground. They had a huge red dog so big that when it jumped up it put its paws on my papa's shoulders. My Auntie Sheila always sent me knitting on my birthday. Hats, mittens, a scarf, a little blanket once, a vest, all in tasteful wool. One year, perhaps when I was twelve, she knit me a cable sweater in deep rust and I wore it until I had to push the sleeves up to hide how short they were. She always sent cards at Christmas, sent my mama the West Briton. I remember when she gave me all of my cousins' old books - the annuals and stories and British children's books. They were always better than N. American books. Different, cleaner, braver, nobler, with more excitement and hardiness and less about the business of growing up and pop culture. I am at least glad I always thanked her for these things, even of late, still sent her cards and love at Christmas. She knew I loved her. She had not been lucid of late, so it was not a surprise, but it is still sad.

My Onkel Robert died on Vancouver Island this week also. He was a child in Germany in the war, his papa in the navy, his mama with my great grandmother, my great aunt, he and his twin brother Herbert. Herbert and Robert. And I think of them like that, the two of them in the pictures with their little caps in Flensborg with my uncle (cousin Peter) so long ago. And I think of him on the island, so jolly, his infinitely kind wife, my Aunt Donna, making perfect boxes out of a single piece of wood with smooth swings of a hatchet. The red and black boat of which he refurbished the engine. How he liked children so much and they used to come to him to tell them stories of the navy and the sea. He was foreman of a mill. I remember how hard it was when his mama died, My Tante 'Iche' when she was senile and kept running away from the hospital even though she was very ill, because in her mind it was the war again and she was being bombed and I was little Peter. He was so kind and patient and gentle. How they came from Germany to the awful prairie with nothing, not even knowing English, and my great uncle refusing to speak German ever again because the nation had offended him so. Uncle Robert was the last chance for me to hear the stories again of My great Onkel Oskar. He was a real pirate (privateer) in WWI with Count von Luckner - a blockade runner and raider in a convertible sailing ship. Robert was the last one with the first-hand stories. I am, I suppose, left with books, and memories of Onkel Oskar's stories when I was young. And he was so kind and welcoming and very much family, as well as being so good at so many things and so interesting. I did send cards to him also, but it would have been so easy to visit - a ferry, a bus. It would have been easy, and I did not go except the once. Not Onkel Robert!

My grandmother's house is sold again. To strangers. They did not even tell us. I will not write much about that now. I love that house. It haunts me, maybe. I often dream about it. It is a very fine Victorian house in wonderful trees, a garden, a wooded path, lawns. White with a blue roof, doors, trim. Inside my grandmother had painted the rooms in Tromp L'oeil landscapes. A meadow, a balustrade overlooking a Greek vista, an Aegean sea, the night sky, an ivy-covered wall and a field, another seascape. Growing up in a museum, my uncle said. All dark oak and pillars, parquet floors we polished by skating with chamois cloth tied to our feet. The weaving room, the music room, the playroom with all the antique toys, the books, the Egyptian urns in which she kept her writing and research. I remember how everything smelled, everything exactly.

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from osmie and breklor
'The Soundtrack of My Life'

Open up your music player and set it to shuffle. for each line/question hit the next/forward button. say what song is playing for each line. Don't cheat either, just put the song that comes up. No cheating. Post the results in your journal. This is a free for all, so there's no need to tag anyone.
cut for 'meminess'Collapse )

audial solace: shuffle

Second one cut so as to not clutter your friends' pageCollapse )

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Robert E. Lee! I cannot really see it, myself, but I am so pleased to find him here!

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From allogenes:
Instructions: Go here and look through random quotes until you find 5 that you think reflect who you are or what you believe. (Make sure to twiddle the controls on the bottom of the quote page!)

You will find rest from vain fancies if you perform every act in life as though it were your last.
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (121 AD - 180 AD), Meditations

Let us determine to die here, and we will conquer.
Barnard Elliot Bee

I am just going outside and may be some time.
Captain Lawrence Oates (1880 - 1912), Last words, quoted in R. F. Scott's diary

There is nothing remarkable about it, all one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself.
J. S . Bach

Chance favours the prepared mind.
Louis Pasteur (1822 - 1895)

Genius is present in every age, but the men carrying it within them remain benumbed unless extraordinary events occur to heat up and melt the mass so that it flows forth.
Denis Diderot (1713 - 1784)

I selected six also. They were good ones.

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