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Nulli Virtute Secundus
It is John's birthday today.
He would have been 155.
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Lets see. Last weekend was Illuminares. We were wish faeries. I was much too shy when we were getting ready. I was card faerie, and painted myself with card suits and four aces. The actual faerie part was just great, but I broke off from the group - not for shyness but for kindness - and missed some of the proceedings. I had a beautiful shower, in a shower so lovely I thought I would dream about it, but alas. After, I walked through Illuminares all by myself, singing in the pitch black. I saw no one I knew, watched the fireworks, saw the lanterns, looked at the excellent installations which belonged to people to whom we had granted wishes in the afternoon.

Last Sunday was our Magic Circle picnic. williamwithnail and thatanikagirl and I had a lovely picnic. It was pouring in the morning, but the skies cleared and they had great hamburgers and hot dogs, and veggie burgers for Anika. They were really delicious somehow, and there was salad and lime iced tea and nacho chips and nuts and all sorts of things. I had seen some of the show before. Clinton demonstrated whip-cracking, which was as always interesting. Young Jesse rode his unicycle about. There were sadly no games or Magic Wand performances or balloons or face painting after all. It was of course great to see everyone.

Monday was government tests. They were easy, but enjoyable enough, in a puzzle-fun sort of way. There was a great deal of waiting, and I practiced cards and attempted a cartoon. I walked afterwards about New Westminster, though most of the antique shops were closed. I got an earlier leatherbound Gray's Anatomy ($10) and a modern dental assistant textbook ($5), as well as an interesting hand pushdrill ($4).

Wednesday was Toastmasters. The subject was 'Memory' for the secretary (?) forgot to send out emails. She has forgotten again this week. I was to relate a tale of a movie ending I had found surprising, so I told the tale of the Western I saw when I was four or five, not having seen movies or TV shows. People killed each other! I could not believe it or understand it. And it was so BIG. People's heads filled the whole wall! My cousins were babysitting me and took me to a movie showing in a school gymnasium. Oh - I practice cards, of course. Some of the people there are foreign students wanting to learn English (I suspect), and they asked me, all sincerity, and genuinely concerned, if David Blaine uses actual supernatural powers when he performs street magic. I did my best, but. It is no wonder, I suppose, that people still bet on 3-card Monte.

Thursday I called my teacher, and he told me to give up the 'thing' I've been learning for five days, to allow it to process, as I am not making such incredible progress the last little bit. I missed it at once. I am learning something else, which is still classic cards, but utterly different and quite challenging. Tuesday at 17:00 hours I can resume practicing. I think I've a lesson on Thursday.

Friday I learned I actually shall have this week an interview at SFU doing web design, graphics, etc. I spent the rest of my free time putting together a decent portfolio and of course, tidying digital items. I learned about the Wayback Machine. I was able to find sites I had done that are no more that I had not saved. Huzzah! My portfolio looks So much better with that content, for I did a lot of that work in the past. I went to the Drinking Magician's Circle at The Sands. I did not actually drink, this time, but it was just great and people told stories of shows they had done where situations and audiences were grossly misrepresented by agents and those who had hired them. It was very interesting, and it is just great to go there.

Saturday, I just worked on the portfolio. There was a nice ball in Second Life, for which I had done the advertising.

Sunday was DnD - just brilliant, from theturtlemoves, with a flying spaceship manned by bugbears and a giant beetle, and a mysterious eel/spider creature. They kidnapped theturtlemoves' character, and we met a gnome (as you may recall, I am a gnome) who had a wooden spaceship, and made guns (like me) and raised friendly giant hamsters. Now, this all may sound absurd, but it was just great. Forest (my gnome ranger) thinks he has found a friend. In the evening was the Cirque cabaret, and I went with williamwithnail, for the first time in quite some time. It was a little loud, but great, and I practiced diligently, sitting at a table in the back. Comradely whiskey. A lovely estrellada for a brief moment - she was volunteering. I had a new shirt, with French cuffs and stripes, as John had his shirts. It was not exactly all pastel, as the blue was ultramarine. It looked rather like Provencal colours. And I wore my stickpin for 'The Saint' instead of the crystal one. It was Hot, so I didn't bother with a coat.

Monday was a holiday to my surprise! I got groceries, then a surprise call from thatanikagirl, and we went for a brilliant lunch at Cafe Deux Soleil and walked up and down the Drive. S. P., the amazing cardman answered my email! He is still on the road. Wow. That is months he has been away from home! Then I worked very hard on my portfolio. And my new journal for John. I like it very much.

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So. I have a new journal, which I inherited. It is called a theatrical muse.
That is what the '_tm' stands for, rather than the cheeky obvious. I did not name this journal.
They post topics upon which one muses as a character.
I am writing there now for John.
In a way it is practice writing.
In a way it is an attempt to look through his eyes and think more about different aspects of his life.
In a way it is a place for me to wax on philosophically as I only occasionally seem to do here, at least of late.
I looked for all kinds of quotes of John for the profile page - shuffled through so many of my books for people talking about him, both friends and those who regarded him poorly.
I will likely add more quotes yet.
Apart from my own writing, which I hope you will peruse, they are interesting for their own sake.
The pictures are mine also, from his photos. I meant them for tattoos at the time.
HERE IT IS: john_h_holliday

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I have joined Toastmasters, at UBC.
This is critical for my magic act. I absolutely must be able to do tricks, tell stories, speak extemporaneously, and sing in public.
It will likely be good all around.
It is interesting and comfortable, which is not what I expected.
It doesn't matter if it is interesting and comfortable. I must do it, like downing medicine, no matter how it tastes, for my health.
I was reading Mandrake the Incomparable, and it told how Lon M. and his wife joined Toastmasters. I thought: What an excellent idea, and if it is good enough for those I admire and respect, it is good enough for me.

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I am going to supper with the magicians at the Sands tonight. Huzzah!
Finite and Infinite Games is finally in at the library for me to pick up. Huzzah!
The Incomparable Mandrake and The Magician and the Cardsharp are due tomorrow. I read them quickly. They were only medium good, but they may change my life.
I have a new journal, all for John. I inherited it. I will tell you about it later. Huzzah! Huzzah!
I am practicing hard. Huzzah!
I am getting most of the correspondence done, slowly. There was more than I mentioned, actually...

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Mickey Spillane is dead. At 88, from Cancer.
My favourite cheap dimestore novel was the one which begins with Mike Hammer recovering consciousness in the gutter following a beating and staggering into a seedy cafe where he finds an abandoned tot. If you know the title, please let me know.

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A few weeks ago, we had the open house for our magic club. The rare books from the club library were there, old and wonderful. So many venerable and truly amazing things. I got to watch it for a little, with the librarian, and someone took a photo, which he gave to me at the last lecture night. I was very pleased. I replaced the blank white wall with wallpaper I designed for SL and colourised the dull grey table to look more like wood. Pictures were made to be changed. There was also a photo of me eating a hamburger, but it was terrible.
Greg and I at the open houseCollapse )

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Good News. It is Peach Ice Cream Day today!
I am not making it up!
Yes, peach is one of my most favourite flavours.
I cannot find a really good site about it, but here is one that mentions it.
Thanks to castallia for pointing this out.
Thursday night I volunteered at the Rogue Folk Club with givemesodapop. It was Danish night, with some wholesome singers with high and pure folk voices and some brilliant fiddle playing. I practiced cards with the special low-light tiger bicycle cards, sitting in the back. I am so much happier and less restless at these events with something to do.

Friday there was supposed to be a fine fundraising event for the Relay for Life in SL, but it did not occur and the organiser was not on, etc. I had meant to auction my land there. I missed both the Drinking Magician's Circle and Trumps in RL for this non-event. frownfrownfrown. I will not let that happen again.

Saturday Night was dangerdean's birthday party at the co-op where I used to live. It was good to see him and chainring_tat2, and a few others. I scarcely knew anyone and drank some whiskey and practiced cards and protested I knew no tricks. It i s sadly essentially true, and I can't tell anyone about the practicing.

Sunday there was no DnD game, but I looked after little Mister while aceofbirds sewed and theturtlemoves played soccer with Gareth10, et al. He is learning to stand! In the evening I watched The Saint. I have a stickpin of the Saint and read the books when I was a child. I dreamt about the part where he fell in the river. The movie was not special at all but I enjoyed it.

I am nearly caught up with the afore-mentioned correspondence. I just finished the long card email to the cardman in Kentucky. I have a new word. Cardman. It is better than magician, for my purposes, and it surely is a compliment and means specifically someone who can do the hard card sleights which are not really magic, or perhaps are truly magic, unlike tricks and gimmicks. I wrote to the gentleman club-member. I wrote to my magician cousin in Britain. I have not yet written to the misc. but dear cousins, nor answered the daunting but fabulous 48 page missive. Are my missives daunting?

I practiced last night until my chest muscles ached.

I have a new theory. One ought not to be boring, annoying or disturbing. At the same time, I make no apologies (I do make apologies, but they are just for form), and am proud of what I do within myself. 'Pride is a virtue,' I say, pleased with the line and a cheeky grin at the audacity and my sincerity. Magic and Doc, and a cataloguing of my activities with brief impressions, punctuated by long rambling show-off accounts where I display my memory skills. This is what I do. And occasionally a long idea or passing on of some facts or factoids or colourful site. And occasionally a meme, if I am of a mood and disinclined to actually compose. So - I will carry on but keep it in my mind not to be boring, annoying or disturbing. And no cuts, unless a post is really long.

My friend wrote (elsewhere) that Hell is the unobserved life. I have great wish to avoid that hell. To know and be known. That is why I write. And to remember. And to test-write. And maybe to give, occasionally. Perhaps to show off?

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  • John Henry is very well, though there are no new books (I am only missing two important ones.) There are new ideas. A new writing opportunity may arise for him here - it is looking quite likely. I continue to tell stories. Magic is John too. Everything for John.

  • Magic goes very well indeed. I shall write a review of the potential of a variety of card decks soon. I got my close-up pads and a nice book on handkerchiefs, including a nice sequence with a handkerchief as an animated mouse I learned as a child. I continue to practice the hard stuff, and found (for near nothing) one of the classic works on cards (1964, so not Old, but perhaps classic now.) I got a book from the library: The Magician and the Cardsharp. It is a biography of Dai Vernon. Huzzah! I have added new interests. I learned a really nice little card move from a man in the park.

  • Daisy is as great as ever.

  • SL is alright. I am raising money for the Relay for Life there. My best friends have left. JohnHenry has applied to become a mentor.

  • Forest is well in DnD. We killed a wraith king and his army of skeletons. At least I think we did.

  • I have a computer game. It is "Gun." It is very good. If only I were better at computer games...

  • I went to the beach once. It was great. I swam and... what, practiced card tricks? We found a football which we threw about in the water. I played songs of the Confederacy. I had a brilliant time on the way there. My mama gave me a gigantic umbrella/tent in the form of a rainbow flag. It was enormous and blind as I am, I still managed to find the thing from the water.

  • I had a very nice salad at the Sands hotel. There was a magic workshop. I learned new things, but they were gimmicks. I had a great lunch with older members of the club. It was just great! Wonderful, even. There was a lecture the night before.

  • I think there might be magic meetings on Friday nights with whiskey... What could be better?

  • I am busy being responsible.

  • I watched the Plastination DVD for the Science World show coming up with givemesodapop. I am thinking of becoming a volunteer there. It is quite likely. I have been excited about this since I heard of it years ago. I should like my body plastinated when I die. Perhaps it could go to a dental school. That would be best.

  • I feel things shifting a little, leaning more and more still towards magic and John. Do not ask me what this means. Books go unread. Movies go unwatched. I feel an edge of impatience at some other things with which I had previously not noticed it (no this does not mean you, whoever you are.)

  • Do you remember my picture of young Lee watching the drawing of John dancing? I am seriously planning a ventriloquist dummy for a portion of my gradually forming act. Ventriloquism seems like layers, and I must learn a little. First, talking without moving one's lips. Second, a boy. Third, the speech impediment. Fourth, the Georgian accent. Fifth, songs of the Confederacy (made unfortunately innocuous so I can perform them without being beat up - likely Stonewall Jackson's Way.) Sixth, content, content, content. I have worked on 1, 3, 5, and six. I am working on 4 and have taken notes but not put them together perfectly yet. 2 is the most difficult because I practice when I walk and it makes me feel most shy. I did it in the past, but. I am going to visit a brilliant ventriloquist member of our club as soon as I can muster the time (gasp).

  • I want to go to Colorado. I have these dreams - so wistful. I want to go to Colorado.

  • Correspondence could be better. Perhaps I am taking on too much of it. I have a 48 page missive to answer. Does this sound easy? It is very hard, but very valuable. God help me. I must write to the card expert from Kentucky. I must write to one of my Cornish cousins who is a magician. I must write to the older member of our club who is such a fine gentleman and one to whom I seem able to talk easily. I must write to my cousin in Tennessee. I should write to my niece in California, my cousin in New Mexico, my cousin in Maine. There are good reasons for all of these... There are other things I should write. Will I write to the ill magicians listed in The Linking Rings (our professional magazine)? I feel like I ought to every time I see the page. What should I say?

  • Apparently I need a magic name. So many people ask if my name is real, it must sound unreal. Whatever shall I choose? Everything seems wrong or impossible. Perhaps 'Faro' something. Or something 'Faro'. That is at the core of my plans.

  • I found two fine Victorianesque shirts. With, yes, the fashionable 1880s soft collars (of which George Parsons was so pleased, and which John surely wore, as evidenced in his 1887 photo and certain newspaper descriptions). These collars seem mod now, but I guess they are not, necessarily. One shirt even has the requisite stripes, in blue and yellow.

  • At our magic open house someone took a photo of me with my teacher, and gave it to me at the lecture. Perhaps I may post it soon, though it is not a good photo. I am very glad to have it, so that I may remember so the wind... etc.

  • I am looking for a book called Finite and Infinite Games, by a man named James P. Carse. Does anyone whom I see regularly own this and might lend it to me?

  • I have an idea about making... not quite balloon animals, but: Balloon Teeth. There are many different kinds - teeth vary greatly - and I think it would be both disarming and educational.

  • It seems I am missing something, but I am not sure what it is.

  • It is odd watching the Middle East news and talking about less important things, though they are my life.

  • Come to our magic picnic. It is July 30. "Vancouver Magic Circle Annual Summer Picnic/Queens Park Band Shell, New Westminster/Food, games, magic, and more food!/A true family affair - and a public show!"

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I was eighteen. I was eighteen. I was eighteen.Collapse )
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just for length, though perhaps that is not so very great this timeCollapse )

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This is a beautiful Drawing the Lady Absinthe made of herself dancing with John. Young Lee is merely looking on. I am enchanted and touched by this.
This is also my new vertical band signature for John (elsewhere). I was quite pleased at 2k.
I went to Stan Kramien's 19th Magic Jamboree, in Newberg Oregon last weekend. There is so much to say, I hardly know where to begin, but I am inclined to write it all, even in small pieces, 'so the wind won't blow it all away.'
Cut for its daunting lengthCollapse )

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Yes, I got my hair cut like John's yesterday. Just like the picture here, though I ought to have asked for it a little shorter for it will grow out from here rather than to here. I've had my hair long in a pony-tail a long time now. It looks black black black and very curly now. I had forgotten. When I saw it in the mirror it looked dyed, but it was not. It looks just like John's and falls and waves like his naturally, save for the colour, of course. Just like the photo, and my friend, who is a real hair-stylist, cut it with a straight razor, to my joy, just as he said John's would have been cut at that time - the same technique. If anyone wants a brilliant hair-stylist (is that the right word?) let me know. He can do anything - colouring shaping, curling, elabourate things, as well as cutting. My knowledge of this is near non-existent. I do not know the proper terms, but my friend is excellent! I just showed him the photos I had and he made my hair perfect.

We were at a Burlesque performance at the WISE hall - my friends and I. It was a very fine performance, and though I was not very dressed up, Victorian-wise, my comrade was. And a man asked him if he would like to do a concept photo-shoot for a Steampunk movie. So we went with him to his home and he showed us movies and talked with courtesy and energy and excitement, and showed us many things. And he fed us absinthe - so delicious, and my first ever. And yes, we later did the photo-shoot. I myself was shot loading my Peacemaker, flicking my straight razor, drinking whiskey from my silver flask. All grand things that pleased me no-end. I am no actor though and fumbled the bullets in my pocket and so forth. My friends did a fine dual act as if they were at a train station - my comrade pulling out his watch and looking at it with the exagerated movements required, the requisite bows and hat-tipping - the girl flouncing and bobbing in pantomime risque. And my comrade said: 'You have to cut your hair.' And he was right. So I did.

I was nearly given a piano - a life-long dream. It was beautiful too, so it nearly took my breath away, to quote a cliche. I arranged movers for today, actually hired them. But I met the woman on the street last night, by chance, and her roommate had taken it away with friends the night before. I said at the time I could hardly believe my good fortune, but I guess I did believe it, for I surely felt the loss. *cries*

I am going to Magic Camp on Friday. Stan Cramien's 19th Magic Jambouree. With the Magic Circle. It is in Oregon, where I have not been since I was a child, and we are going down tomorrow morning in what seems as if it will be a caravan of vans, all together. I was sent a circular with what to bring, an itinerary, major attractions en route, jolly contests, potential travel activities. I am so very excited. I went to meet the people with whom I shall be sharing a room yesterday. They were just great. It will be a real adventure. Food is included, and even alcohol, though of course I am bringing scotch to be on the safe side. There will be a swimming pool. There are lectures and I am sure performances and participatory events all the days. Again - I am so very excited. I am packing.

I lost my temper in Second Life yesterday, which is actually fairly atypical. I suppose I do not deserve a piano. I have made a fine new friend in SL, also though. We rave ideas to one another, which is a bright joy, and we have a background of culture (humanities, arts, and social sciences) in common so there is no need of ABC's, though I am always overjoyed to produce those too. We sit and fish and talk at night.

I am selling as many books as I may today, packing them in boxes. I've an appointment and my brother-in-law is going to drive me. So I shall be able to have a little money at the magic camp, pay for the gas, etc.

I may be able to get training to work in some very minor dental capacity from which I could earn enough money to go to real school and begin to become a dentist. There is also a volunteer position, terribly tentative, which means I have little real hope there. I am ever-hopeful though and shall surely try.

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Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why. estrellada gave me the letter Q.

1)Quixotic - In these days I would be great. Yet I don't know what to do with myself. And I throw myself against this horror, while all about me strangers carry on and on and on.

2)Quiet - A stillness of eyes. I look cautiously into my own eyes sometimes and see them quiet, waiting, watching, and above all: sure. Steady and angry. A terrible thing, perhaps. Such eyes should look into others that understand them.

3)Quizzical - a gentle disbelief, hardly expressed. A wonder and scepticism when one looks at some new manifestation of mundaneity, encountering it unawares.

4)Quest - I should like to think I am on a quest, but I am not sure. I am bent on learning about John and learning dentistry and magic. Is that a quest? It is not a single goal but an ever-increasing way of being.

5) Quadrille - A formal and beautiful dance - a vestige of another time. A dream I have of dancing, a pretty girl on my arm , with me competent, kind, solicitous. My friend Woodstock taught me a basic Quadrille. Here is a great site.

6) Quicksilver - I think of Richard Brautigan. Loading Mercury with a Pitchfork. The speed at which I think, grasp, extend, throw. information sliding like pure beads and no impedance whatsoever. And there is no real productiveness - the quicksilver also rolls where it will.

7) Quarter - I give quarter. I condemn, yet I give quarter. Is this a weakness? It is due to lack of knowledge. There can be no death penalty for one may be wrong...

8) Quintessence - The part that is deep and true. What is left over when one strips away all reference. The soul hovering in the aethereal winds. Can it touch yours, a gentle thought, felt deeply? It pleases me to think so.

9) Quinine - A strange link to remedies from a dusty book. I can taste quinine. It runs through the illness of the nineteenth century, permeating all of it and modifying its scent. A last tough hope on a long trail. A cool glass in a closed in darkened bedroom.

10) Quaff - 'A paean to the towering dead with their nightingales and psalms.' Here's to you, my deathless friends, and I reach through the aether...

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I have borrowed a laptop, but I may not install any programs.
If I sent you my resume, could you please email it back to me?
It was, of course, on the other computer, and I won't be able to open it, but I can maybe resend it.
Maybe I will get my own computer back tonight, but maybe not.

I must wait 14 days until I may apply for EI. Unless I can convince her to give me my separation papers. hahaha. And of course she never gave me pay stubs. hahaha.

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I lost my job today. My boss was angry because I had a job interview even though (1) that interview was not during working hours and (2) she already knew I was looking for another job and (3) it was nearly a week ago and I did not even get the job.
My computer won't start up. No computer.
My Uncle Maurice passed away. True, he was ill, but he was a good man.
Other things happened, but they were trivial.
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Songs of the ConfederacyCollapse )

Songs of Long AgoCollapse )

Other Pertinent SongsCollapse )

Words to *Stonewall Jackson's Way*Collapse )

I have still not opened my spooky book. I think I will write to John's other cousin first.
I got my big book about John HH, DDS in the mail today. It looks very good. Very very good. Now I am afraid to open it.

A quieter weekend, perhaps, than the last.

I have been practicing card tricks with great diligence, card tricks being perhaps an euphemism at this time. I am learning shuffles and exercises and how to think about cards. This is going very well. I managed a very difficult series of eight consecutive identical exercises with only two false starts. This is down from fifty six. As I say - it is most difficult. I am still overjoyed with my lessons last week.

Friday I had to work to my great resentment, for there is no requisite holiday pay, of course, and I am actually inclined to attend Mass on Good Friday.

Saturday was fine. Second Life was down due to a grid attack (scripting/building hack) so young Lee did not get to attend the children's Easter Egg Hunt, to his sorrow and that of his young organising friends. He was given a fine Easter basket with a chocolate rabbit, a tintable vase of tulips, a rabbit balloon and other things. It was so fine he gave one of the same to young Raine, of whom he is quite fond. I am out of building blocks on my new land, so am reduced to social interaction rather than building in Second Life. John is helping people he encounters on the Victorian Island where he lives and tested and was given an aethercraft which innovatively will allow one to drive through solid substance including buildings. The sun on Sunday was a great Easter Egg variously patterned at different times of the day.

I took Daisy to the park in the afternoon to play bocce with estrellada and koppermoon, but it was exceedingly wet and cold, so we did not engage in this activity for long.

I went to Rascals Saturday night with williamwithnail, and estrellada was there, looking lovely, as she does. People were still complimenting us on our fist-fight, which was quite gratifying, especially as the bruises have healed and I have only pride left. We drank scotch and went out for Chinese food afterwards. Alas - not even the opportunity to practice with my cards presented itself. I managed to leave my black western dress hat in someone's car. I am now wearing my homburg, but it is so very much less satisfying.

I believe I have mastered the song Stonewall Jackson's Way at long last. It is still unfathomable how unmemorable the tune is, containing the major fifths it does. What song shall I next select? Perhaps The Last Fierce Charge. Or perhaps something else. Lorena was popular, surely. Everyone says so.

Sunday was very good. I got up at seven to go to Mass with Jon Paul and his family, still feeling the effects of scotch, though it was surely not what they call a 'hangover'. We went to brunch at the White Spot and I had eggs benedict with mushrooms, which was very pleasing indeed, and the conversation was very fine. I played Second Life in the afternoon. Lee spent much of the day with a lad who wants to be his big brother. He was rather surprised but surprisingly interested to learn of John and his activities and building. I have built a church, perhaps I forgot to mention it, but some people dropped by there fairly randomly and were quite pleasant. Today I am doing chores with which I shall not bore you.

Tomorrow I shall go for lunch with an old friend.

I met another old friend on the street, walking home, singing songs of the Confederacy, on Friday. Hopefully we shall go for lunch, coffee, etc. soon also.

I have been watching Season One of Deadwood, which they finally had at the nearby pawn shop. It is unrealistically crude in terms of manners, language, and indeed activity. If people had engaged in the kind of behaviour shown in this series they would have been run out of town or otherwise removed from the landscape. It i s supposed to be realistic to have such bad language and so forth, and people surely swore with imagination and vigour, but not as a matter of course and not in daily regular life. As Mark Twain said to his wife (paraphrased)- 'You have the words but not the music.' It reminds me of an unrestrained child of five who believes he can get away with saying bad words away from the attentive ears of his parents. People forget that it really was another time with other values and mores. It occurred to me that perhaps the language was for the benefit of the audience - to drive into relief the differences for the characters between the settled and developed East and the rugged hard empty West in which they had been thrown. A parallel necessary for modern television watchers to contrast their own presently vernacular lives with the toughness of teh show. But quite likely I am overanalysing and trying to justify a flawed device in a show from which I was expecting much, and which is said by all to be so good.

I was forced to watch King Kong. Do not bother with it.

I am still reading Gone with the Wind. I still recommend it. Maybe, just maybe, it... well never mind for now. I am not reading it so very diligently, for I am concentrating on my cards. If only I could do even more things simultaneously, I would be so much more productive.

I have had a couple of interviews, but I have no job as of yet. Soon, I hope - soon, soon, soon

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Alright. I rarely post simple links, but this came up on a site I watch. It is a series of unlikely sights, not that I disbelieve them for a second.
It is the movie I am hoping someone might enjoy. It is completely work-safe.
This is the radio station I play in my saloon in SL. I have tried to find a good Southermn station, but no luck as of yet.

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This is from the game I play - Second Life. It is a game with amazing capabilities of 3D modelling, scripting, texturising, animation and so forth. I have done no original animations, but I can surely script them. The best things I have done are the Faro game and John's 1883 dental office... One may really play Faro and it is all scripted. The dental equipment 'works' which is to say the nitrous oxide apparatus bubbles and emits particle tubing, the drill whirs around, the chair tilts, the patient-activated saliva pump emits particle tubing, the dentist's bag gives forth objects, and all the animations are set. I made it all from 19th century diagrams. And I modelled it and textured it too. Friends made John's gun, which may be really drawn, and his pocket watch which really opens and keeps perfect time. The mantle clock really works and I did not make that either. I did make the piano, which is a radio which streams music (the Cowboy Cultural Society in this case, though a selection is possible) and contains animations for John to play it, as he did. I made John's clothing and most of Lee's, save his pants and sweater. I created their faces from photos. Yes, there are extant pictures of young John. I have all the rules for Faro written up and a description of what it is. I am shortly going to write out descriptions of 19th century dental operations so patients may have a random procedure performed. Later I shall set up a dental mechanic’s workshop so John can cast plates for teeth, refine gold for braces, and so forth.

EDIT: Hm. One cannot see John's face in these terribly small pictures. I'll post a more clear one later. After I've taken one.
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I woke up stiff and sore today. My hands are stiff with a vague feeling of rawness. My arm is definitely raw - nasty scrapes from elbow to wrist with spotted bruising. Hurts to touch. My shoulders are quite bruised. Interesting colours. Some ache in my upper ribs. I feel like fell down many flights of stairs. I feel like I've been in a fist fight. Oh wait. I was in a fist fight. Fought my best mate, in classic form. Each of us tied our hands to a pole and traded shots with the other, switching hands a couple of times. I had no idea my off-hand was in such poor form. To my everlasting shame I got dizzy, having neglected to er, eat yesterday. Eat every day, kids. If you can, and I do hope you can. But it was brilliant. And yes, we will do it again. I am not sure how. The pole got in the way a little, but seemed on the whole a good idea. My plan is one end of a single handkerchief between each of our respective sets of teeth in classic Olde West form. But maybe not, too. Anyway, it rocked. Shook hands afterwards, like gentlemen. No opportunity for the appropriate Scotch, but ah well. I am so very well pleased. And proud. Pride is a virtue, you know.
Afterwards, chinese food with him and estrellada and a very shy but fine British UBC student. My comrade gave me a present. An Adventurer Goofy from Disneyland. He was dressed much like the Adventurer Goofy. What a curious juxtaposition. I was dressed in my Victorian best (remove watch, cufflinks, armbands, metal bits.) And he as Indiana Jones. I at first forgot to remove said metal bits though estrellada held my watch with its special fob. That is how my arm was so badly scraped - I hit the pole.
I learned the words to Stonewall Jackson's Way last night, writing out the lyrics twice in slightly less than perfect copperplate. John's papa was with Jackson. Up until Sharpsburg, where his regiment lost 9 of 10 field officers. He would surely have been killed, as he was a Major.
I got my comrade and a woman, who was less than attentive, to play Skinning. It is an old Southern variation of Faro of slave origin. The way John learned cards. I looked forever for the rules and then found them finally in Scarne's little book. So simple, but yes, it is fast and with more people I think it would have been jolly enough. How can I get four people to play? Maybe I shall teach Music Theory using it...
And I diligently practiced card drills, of course.
This is what I do at these events.

aceofbirds and theturtlemoves moved yesterday, with their lads. I myself was too shy to be effective.

It was such a hard week at work. Every day the owner promised to come in and yell at me for not selling enough. Every day she could not bring herself to come in. But every night I lay awake dreading it. Same thing next week, I suppose. *resigns himself to being surrounded by loons and the fallout therefrom* Nuffin' I can do. Reason doesn't work, nor honesty, nor honour, nor diligence. Friday night I bought another bottle of Southern Comfort, but I have not had any yet. I did have some fine scotch, though. mmmm, scotch.

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Birthday Supper - Oh the unutterable soul-soaring joy. The night before I left, the wonderful aceofbirds and theturtlemoves invited me for supper. And we had Steak! and Baked Potatoes! and Broccolis! And aceofbirds made a Wonderful salad with pineapple and raisins and other good things and we poured lots of Southern Comfort over it. And theturtlemoves made a whole batch of choco-chip cookies. And Mister was an angel and smiled at me - I am so happy. And after we played music and drank and I taught them to play Faro as a way to teach theturtlemoves music theory. And Liam and Paula came over. And aceofbirds showed me her button collection. It was the best time ever.
Calligraphy - I went for drinks and supper with spymaster_d and andi_sunrider on, er, Friday. Great times. Whiskey and copperplate. 8^)
DnD - I also played DnD yesterday, led by breklor. It was just great. I had my horses and had a dentist mystery to solve where I was hunting werewolves. I rocked and was so tough and focused and killed the head werewolf at some risk even to life and reputation and my beloved guns. Jolly times again with (alphabetically as always) aceofbirds, estrellada, gareth10, givemesodapop,and theturtlemoves.
Home - I am back home from Alberta.
Snow - It snowed in Alberta. God in Heaven. I don't know how many cubic yards of snow I shoveled. I stopped counting the cars I pushed out of drifts. More than ten. I walked a mile in snow up to my knees and no track or broken ground at all. That is one good reason not to go to Alberta. Just one.
Work - I need a job. Any job. No matter how temporary or poorly paying. I cannot stand for long periods of time, drive, type more than 30-35 words per minute, or work with food. Anything else. Anything else will be better than what I have now and I need it badly.
Nun - I visited a nun I used to go visit when I was young. I found her in the phone book. It was great. She is 80 and still brilliant with all her faculties. She is taking harmonica lessons and a weight-lifting program for seniors. She always said when she retired she and I would tour Europe in a VW van. It turned out she really did this. I should have gone with her. My life would have been very different and better. After school, maybe twice a week I used to walk down to the Catholic school and visit her. When I was young.
Malls - Apparently it is socially acceptable to meet friend s at malls in Edmonton. Even if they are elderly nuns. I could not believe it. What a lapse of courtesy as far as I am concerned.
Bookfair - I walked that mile in the snow to get to the bookfair. 'nothing over a dollar' and nothing worth more than a dollar either. but I got a grand book by Scarne on cards with greatly extended Faro rules and variations, including Skinning, which i've looked long and hard for. And a brilliant magic card trick aim, which of curse I can't tell you. Despite pushing four cars out of the snow on the way back it was worth it.
Visitors - My aunt and uncle came over and one of my cousins with her husband. I am the black sheep of my entire rural Alberta family. Despiter everything, I am least respected as I am not 'something'. Even my nephews from the next generation who are mere workers like their father and grandfather at Labatts are better than I. If there were a children's table I would still have to sit at it and they would not. You may think I am exagerating, but that is what happened last family reunion. My favourite niece from my papa's family is studying to become a nurse in Savannah. I am so jealous of her being there...
Music - I have been working diligently on my singing/recorder repertoire. I learn to sing them by playing them on the recorder and saying the words in my head until I know them. Then I sing 'em. I transposed on the plane, in the car, everywhere. I am trying to learn 'songs of the Confederacy and of long ago.' I'll tell you about that another time. And I will make a separate repertoire post.
The Civil War - I watched three hours of the Civil War every night (almost). I watched the Ken Burns DVD set with Shelbey Foote - a gentleman. It was 11 hours long. I watched Gettysburg (3 hours). Go see it at once. It was extremely affective and with high Kipling ideals and courage. Do not buy it except with caution. After three separate tries it is still missing the third quarter in internal pixelated soundless gibberish. Right at the point of the return of JEB Stuart to Lee at the battle... I watched Gone with the Wind (3 hours). It was better than I thought, which is not surprising as I was not expecting much. Go see it too. Just ignore Scarlett and Rhett... I guess I must actually read it now. And I watched Warlock and Gunfight at the OK Corral again. Ho for the memoirs of Longstreet and Lee when I get the chance (not likely soon).
Other Relatives - I went to see my other aunts and uncles, a day's drive away. My uncle is writing poetry. I am hoping to read it for it will say something further about him and let me know him better. They were very nice - perfect classic hospitality and kindness. I like them very much.
Vancouver - Apparently I have a cousin and a nephew in Vancouver. I should keep better track of them. The nephew is, like the niece in Savannah, my favourite on that side of the family. I do not know the cousin, but I am sure he is a fine fellow.
SL - I will post photos in another post very soon. I am building a church in a Western sim and I have bought a house in a Victorian sim, where I shall put the dental office and later a dental mechanic workshop. I met a man who does 1800s recreations in Abilene. He plays Texas Jack Vermillion and John seems a fine fellow in his world, I am glad to say. Young Lee has a little girlfriend. And I walk about indulging in philosophy and aggressive politeness. Some guy dropped by last night just to play Faro, and I did not know him. A first.
Choir - I tried to join a choir yesterday. A man heard me singing songs of the Confederacy on the street and asked me to join his choir. It was fun, but I did not philosophically like the songs. He has two other choirs. I will try again.
Good as Gold - I caught up with my email today, applied for a job, and sorted all my papers for taxes - a monumental task. I also cleaned out a significant portion of the library yesterday and cleaned mightily. Blech. I hate that stuff.
John - I got Doc Holliday's Road to Tombstone - my birthday book from me. It is a novel. Do not bother with it. For one thing Wyatt barely appears, if you can imagine that. For another they parted because Wyatt was racist when killing Indian Charlie and John didn't like it. Apart from the historical omission of the real reason: What??? Oh yes... one of John's family's slaves turned into a musical prodigy, who attended the finest schools, thanks to John's mama... It is another excercise in that jolly game Count the Mistakes on Each Page.

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Aw... first a great and grand and heartfelt thank you to
spymaster_d who wants to go to the movies when I get back
dangerdean who wished me a happy birthday in Cornish
breklor who posted a great collage of John
aceofbirds who said such good things - I can't say how much I appreciated it - and that Mister Morgen's birthday is Exactly opposite mine on the calendar! I updated my interests to 'Mister Morgen 1/2' form 'Mister Morgen 1/4'! Huzzah Baby!

I gots friends!

EDIT: Aw.... J got me some chocolate cake! 8^)
I worked today, I think for the first time ever on this day.
And no celebration, what with last weekend being so busy and my going away this weekend.
I ordered that book that is likely to make my research superfluous. It will arrive in Alberta on the 14th. shhhhh its a secret.
I got a big bottle of Scotch (The Gordon Highlanders) And a little bottle of Southern Comfort.
I read about making metal dies for making false teeth. Huzzah!
I practiced card tricks.
A fellow was in the shop, homesick for Louisiana, so I gave him my CD I'd made and was playing. I don't know why, but it made me very happy to do that.
I made my supper. It was a huge dish of gai lan, a fried egg, fried enoki mushrooms with onions, tea. It was good.

I think that is all. I might watch a movie and play Second Life. I will tell you what movie later.
In SL: Young Lee bought a birthday balloon. I have taken rooms in a western town where they like me and like history. I shall open my dental office there. I finished my drill. I will post pictures as soon as I remember.

I saw Brokeback Mountain.
God help us all. It was heartbreaking. I've not gotten over it yet. Wake up in the night, walk staring (more) about me in doubt. The sense of loss is kinda out of porportion. Or is it? It kinda throws everything into high relief.
I went after to see it I went to see aceofbirds and theturtlemoves. They fed me some tasty stew with roots from their yard. Mmmm. And they were making bread, and I got to eat some of it all crunchy and squishy with butter and another piece with honey. And Gareth10 showed me the comic book he was writing and drawing. And then we made apple butter. They had an amazing old apple corer/peeler/slicer, and we did that, and then cooked it all in a big pot, and I got to stir! And I talked to them about the movie - aceofbirds had read the book. And I got to hold Mister a little! It was really a calm and friendly night.

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I was good as gold and looked for jobs and sent off resumes all day.

I got my Union Card in the post today, and my certificate and my union book, and a fine enamel union pin. I'm in a union! International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 92, Member Number 65977R. And I am regularly receiving my professional journal.

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday. One is traditionally supposed to eat pancakes. It is the last day before Lent. What, as a good Catholic (of course I am a good Catholic, how dare you disbelieve me) ought I to give up for Lent?

The weekend was just ace. I went out with my friend on Saturday night, to a Mardi Gras event, with the band and beads and tokens. We were all dressed up of course in our Victorian Very Best. I bought beads but had no opportunity to gave any out, alas. estrellada, looking stunningly beautiful, gave me a real string of super-special beads from New Orleans, and I gave her a real strand of mine that were special too, with a jolly story. I did merrily play with my cards in a saloon, which is grand itself. And my friend and I discussed Nietzsche and philosophy for hours with lots of scotch. It was so cool I nearly got to my three tiered proposition for government, which is so offensive and which I believe in so strongly its discussion is a rare sign of camaraderie.

Sunday I got to be a gnome ranger. Huzzah! In the game I even got my horses back. And we have to investigate the murder of a dentist at the beautiful holiday town to which we have gone as a reward for our hard adventuring work.

I fear I left my cell phone at work.

I am still working on my dental equipment in SL. I am Very Proud! I built the dental chair yesterday, and as I'm sure I said, the nitrous oxide apparatus is all scripted and built, even the bubbles now! Just a drill left then, and a bit of texturing on the chair. A girl made me a dentist's bag yesterday. I'm going to build all manner of hand tools that can be taken out of it with a button menu. I've even found a patient, as soon as its done. A fine computer gentleman who has been coming to the Civil War discussions, wants four gold crowns!

Legends of the Old West has a grand set from an old 50s Western TV show, which is seemingly called Stories of the Century. 42 episodes! Hours and hours of fun! It is about two railroad detectives in the 1860s-90s. They take events from newspapers in this era, and involve the railroad and these detectives somehow in every case. Each episode is about a different character in Western America. They don't really reflect the truth of the incidents, but they have 42 different people! And it starts with JHH, and there is Belle Starr, and Quantrell, and Jesse James, and John Wesley Hardin, Kingfisher, Sam Bass, and well, Everyone! It is $12.99 at London Drugs, if you are interested.

I am reading (as well as the dentistry books, and Longstreet's Manassas to Appomattox, and compiling notes despite the new books out) Matt Braun's Doc Holliday. It is not intolerable, despite so many errors per page I cannot even count them. Why do people write whole books without even trying to get any facts right? It is beyond me. So far I am on page 144, though, and no Kate yet. On the other hand, the body count is a little high and whole episodes are conjured out of nothing. Other episodes are missing completely, but it is not intolerable.

audial solace: noooooos

I fixed my profile summary.
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My boss has insulted me and questioned my honour. MY honour! If it was another time (a better time) I would challenge her to a duel. I would win tidily no matter what weapons she chose. John would call her out for certain. So what am I supposed to do? If I resign I shall lose the damn house at once, and the ability to feed myself. Any suggestions?

EDIT: Oh, and I didn't get the job with the railroad. I guess I was not young enough - I was a little concerned about that, damnit.
damnit damnit damnit

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I had a job interview today, to work on the railway. I love the railway. I very very much hope I get it. It pays well too, for once. Better than I've ever been paid in my life. It is sadly seasonal, but maybe I can make enough to take courses and begin on the way to becoming a dentist in the off-season. I know I would be very good - presenting history to tourists could easily be a vocation.

I got some books today.
I went in to get Robert E. Lee's memoirs, a fine set in leather, for $75. Alas they were sold, so I got a much lesser volume entitled Recollections and Letters of General Lee. He dedicated it and so forth, so it is still original writings, though it is much smaller, Garden City Press, etc. Don't get me wrong. Some of my best books are Garden City early reprints
I got General James Longstreet's own From Manassas to Appomattox. It is a huge and hefty volume, but I was rather pleased.
I got The Confederate Military History set's The South after the War (including The Confederate Navy.) The same series as the excellent Georgia, which followed every single Georgian regiment through the war. Did I mention it before? A great book!
I got Walter Noble Burns' The Saga of Billy the Kid. This was the book Wyatt read and hoped the man would write JHH's story in the same vein. Of course Burns stole this from Charlie Siringo, apparently... But I can check out the style, mostly, and think of Wyatt reading it.
And I got an odd but large book called Humour of the Old Southwest. Apparently this is Georgia, not New Mexico/Arizona. But in any case, it was free, so I am not complaining. The shop was closing and I didn't get a chance to look at it properly. It does, however, seem to show humour of the requisite time and place, and some is written in dialect, which I can then learn. Be a bit of a break too, from memorising facts...
It's ok. I traded for them...

I am reading a book called Rowdy Joe Lowe, Gentleman with a Gun, by Jim Rosa. I have a vague but hopeful theory about him and his wife and JHH, but I'm not sayin' nuffin' yet. I need to do some more reading and perhaps research and if then, perhaps diligent readings of dull record lists, which are often so telling.

If you clicked on my Johari Page, thank you very much indeed. If not, it would be grand if you would. I am curious.

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I went out Saturday all dressed up with my comrade.See here!
Had a fine time, met nice people, had good conversatons. Supper at The Thirsty Duck, with good scotch.
Sunday I was a gnome ranger - Forest. I made a great shot. Laurie from Washington said 'One of them is getting away!' I was reloading my flintlocks, turned casual as anything, and brought him down with a single shot. Alas, Forest's horses are not on the adventure yet again.
breklor, theturtlemoves, givemesodapop, G9, and Laurie from Washington all played. I miss estrellada.
aceofbirds' and theturtlemoves baby is cooler and more alert every time I see him. Mister Morgen. Too cool.
I finally got givemesodapop's LJ ID, though I've been playing with him for months now. Welcome, friend!
Laurie actually brought me a whiskey flask up with her, 'specially for me, as we talked about it when we helped breklor move. I was so touched and happy. I badly needed one, and one as a gift is just over-the-moon grand! I hope she comes out often...
I did a cool magic trick where someone picks a card, replaces it in the deck, you shuffle, then you hold the deck with them, and as you pull it away, they are holding the right card. It worked not quite perfectly the first time, for the other person's grip was iron-bending, but the second time it worked quite well and was quite mystifying, I hope. I say cool and mystifying, but I am a magician who amazes himself as much as the audience. I can suspend my sure knowledge, even as I do it. And as always I am an egomaniac.
I came home just in time for Tall Tales in SL. We told a collaborative mythological origin tale of How the Turtle Got Its Shell. Some fellow told a grand story about Japanese automata, and I told a story of fighting and misplaced self-righteousness and gunplay.
Then I taught etiquette. It was review. They seem to need a great deal of review...
We are having discussions of Lincoln in SL. There were big arguments, often wrong on both sides. I raved. It was great.
I got the world's best blanket for near nothing. All wool, barely pre-WWII I believe, by its texture, and unique if inexplicable pattern. It is off-white, with a grey and yellow design. It is huge and weighs more than my puppy. I actually took it in for dry-cleaning. I don't know that I've Ever had anything dry-cleaned before. I get it back tomorrow. It wasn't actualy dirty, and it was from the rich area of town, but better safe than sorry, right?
The rest of the weekend was just work, but it was grand anyway, for the good parts.
I found some good jobs (I hope) for which to apply. Wish me luck.
Is anyone able to be a reference for me?
Is anyone interested in looking at my resumé?
Please let me know if you are aware of any suitable openings.
I need surely need work at this juncture.
Please forgive these questions. It is not my wont to ask such, save if I am in actual need.
I removed some 'friends' this week. This is because I do not really know you. It is not personal. If you want to be re-friended, just let me know.

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I am seeing double. Apparently it is safe to ignore it, but it is very annoying. Is it really just stress?
Should I post my resumé/proclivities again?
I believe I do need some help. X^o
Thank you for your compliments, tinkernoonoo.
I am still reading books on JHH and I have procured movies as well. Warlock is still best. Why do they feel this inexplicable need to change everything? God knows it was the opposite of boring. I will report soon. Some books were just grand. I am lucky to have found them.
I am thinkning of getting rid of many things soon. Please call me and come over and we can look at things. I have all types. Maybe just what you have always wanted. I may approach ebay soon. What size are you, theturtlemoves? I have a nice leather jacket. estrellada, would you like a fine plaid cape? It is not all clothes. Should I have a penny auction for my birthday, like toren_atkinson does? I had a brilliant time. Ideally they ought to have good homes.
Games are good, though I missed being a gnome ranger on Sunday. I got to watch horse jumping! Huzzah!
I got the movie Gettysburg at Christmas. It is just beautifully filmed, though I wasn't paying enough attention. It is four hours and in scene 22 of 35 on side one everything became pixelated. There are 31 scenes on side two, plus 15 of historical background. It looks darn good. In February we are doing Gettysburg in miniature wargaming. I get to play Longstreet. Huzzah! As I recall JHH's uncle Robert was with Longstreet, his papa having been invalided out by this time, and he was with Colquitt...
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from allogenes and chadu

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®

Cool day. Cool night last night.
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Wrath:Very High
Sloth:Very Low

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"Intellectually" Intelligent

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Ok. I finally joined a union (apart from a brief time in the Teamsters.) International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring#92
Very exciting.
So I am going to magic school.
It was their (our) annual auction last night. There were amazing sights to be seen. Things I would have just Loved to have had (but I was not yet a member then, so I couldn't bid.) I would tell you what these amazing things were, but I took a solemn oath not to do so. Wheee! They were just grand and showed me tricks and were very very friendly.
That is all for now.

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For my inner right forearm. What do you think?
I would actually appreciate any suggestions or comments, even if you think this is inadvisable.
Thank you.
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There is a Fringe Festival play on tomorrow - Lazy Susan. It is on at 8:00pm at the Carousel Rehearsal Hall 1411 Cartwright Street (on Granville Island.) I know nothing about it, and I shall not be there, but you can get in free tomorrow night if you give the secret codeword 'Muskrat.'

This has been a public service announcement.

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The other day, I woke up after staying up too late, and I saw for a couple of minutes...
People hanging in the air in my room in 'away' positions from Second Life. This position is upright, but head, shoulders and arms hanging down and a general vacancy. These people in my room were cowboys though, and I had trouble negotiating them. Am I reading too much, playing this game too much? Noooo... It was very interesting.

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Well what to say?
I read what should have been the spookiest JHH document of all - Kate Elder's recollections. Having read it, I can only conclude that the woman was an imposter. alas. I have read many more books, but I will save comment thereon for a later time. I've got a new picture of Doc. shhhh. I don't think its copyright has been highjacked yet. I also finished George W. Parson's diary - very useful but hard to read for its very dullness. I am probably writing in clipped diariesque language as a result.
I found out what happens to all the knives and scissors that are taken from apparently illiterate people at the airport. They are given to some sort of airport priest who gives them to an aid organisation for the Downtown Eastside which sells them at a garage sale a couple of blocks away. I can now lose Swiss Army knives with more abandon.
Trumpeters last night - Seven Years War with Terry. Barn and I played the French against the Prussians and British. They had superior forces and the Prussians in particular are very good. We were supposed to hold a Ford against them, which we might have done, but it got quite late and we rashly decided to charge their artillery and cavalry with ours as 'last move'. It ended badly and they would have taken the Ford for certain had we continued playing. But we never would have done such a charge either, had we been going to continue playing, so it must be called a draw, as always. I saw the new Arkham Horror board game. Just Ace! I was going to buy it today - Imperial Hobbies' big sale - but they didn't have any in. Good to see Barn again. I gave him the sweater for little Andrew. Phil was there too! Good to see him agian, too. I've been very lax and not given my Combat Mission turns to Charles. I've not even an excuse. Many are at Gen-Con this weekend of course, so it was a sparse group. I spoke with Eric about his Wild West buildings, and if Terry runs it, I am in! I just have to hitch-hike, crawl, trek to Port Coquitlam... After the games, I went with my friend for beer and food. Best thing in the world! Nuffin' like it!
Second Life is going very well indeed. Between it and my research, reality is receeding nicely. Aw, Second Life is just great!
Good news at the shop - Paramount in Vancouver has asked us to do promotions for the new Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie - Corpse Bride. Just 'cause we won all those prizes and display competitions. It's going to be great and we can be overboard ominous, which is our favourite way to be. I've still not seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory either... I must go soon.
I found a magic club and a folk-singing club here in town. I think I shall try them out as soon as they have meetings. Is anyone interested in going out and singing folk songs? Reading about such events in Tombstone made me a little homesick for my odd youth, and then - there is just such a group right in the newspaper! Depending upon what they really mean by 'folk' of course.... Seems to be free too, if you are of limited funds.
Patricia was ill and we so we did not attend the Leaky Heaven Circus. I asked everyone if they wanted to come! I hope it was good if any of you managed to gt there!
I got my spats in the mail this week - two pair in an original box. One dark grey, one fawn. They fit me exactly, so I am revising my spat buying advice. They must be Three sizes larger than your shoe size. Or four... I also recieved the Civil War gilt buttons for my waistcoats, in descending sizes - just perfect.
I had supper with Jon Paul on Tuesday - a barbeque and a gain my first this season. Very good. Tricia was back from London, which is nice, as she is just grand! I am proud of her. He lent me his Civil War boxed DVD set based on the Shelby Foote books. I don't know enough about the Civil War and it is figuring prominantly. He also lent me Dangerous Liaisons, as recommended. And I lent him Warlock. Aw, it was great - just heartbreaking.
I've not been to the beach and summer is fading fast, hot though it is. Alas!

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Yesterday was John Henry Holliday's 154th birthday.
I threw a party in the Second Life game. All my friends came. It was brilliant. And I opened my Faro table there and we played Faro for hours. I passed out the following biography and Faro chip. I think I shall write to his cousin again tomorrow - he sent me a T-shirt. I have many questions but no one of whom to ask them, and I'm sure he would apreciate the felicitations.

John Henry Holliday, DDS was born August 14th, 1851 to a fine family of Grifffin, Georgia. He would have had an older sister, had she lived. His father had brought a Mexican orphan home from the Mexican American War in 1847. He was born with a cleft palate. His father fought in the civil war. Many relatives were guardians of his father during this time. At 14 he went alone to find his Uncle Thomas to bring him back after the war. His mother died of consumption when he was 15. He was well-educated at the Valdosta Institute in Georgia and earned his DDS from the Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery in 1872. He practiced dentistry briefly in Georgia. Suffering from consumption, he arrived in Dallas, Texas in 1873, where he again practiced dentistry. He became an itinerant gambler, gunman and sometime lawman, travelling the west for the remainder of his life. He saved the life of Wyatt Earp in Dodge City, Kansas and so formed an historic and lasting friendship. He participated in the famous gunfight in Tombstone Arizona. He had many other interesting but less famous exploits. At everything to which he turned his hand he excelled, becoming not merely a gambler or gunman, but the very best of each. At dentistry he also excelled and won state-wide prizes for exhibitions thereof. He was an educated gentleman in the primitive frontier. His moral code was exact, legendary and original. He had no children and never married. In 1886 he died in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, of the consumption which had brought him west. He was mourned chiefly but by no means exclusively by his cousins Robert and Martha. His family correspondance, which was long and revelatory, was burnt after his death, and it is assumed irretrievable.

This is a brief but accurate biography. Historically verifiable details are hard to come by, but those that remain and vignettes by his friends, family and acquaintances tell more. Wyatt Earp, who liked him, said of him: "He was a dentist whom necessity had made a gambler; a gentleman whom disease had made a frontier vagabond; a philosopher whom life had made a caustic wit; a long lean ash-blond fellow nearly dead of consumption and at the same time the most skillful gambler and the nerviest , speediest, deadliest man with a six-gun I ever knew." Bat Masterson, who did not like him, said of him: "Damon did no more for Pythias than Doc Holliday did for Wyatt Earp." Bat said "perverse," but also "justified."

His unparallelled diligence, sense of honour, readiness to act, understanding of death, and capacity for friendship have made him a hero, to my mind. And I play him here in Second Life as a tribute.

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Good grief - Heat Exhaustion. I felt like I was falling over to the right all day. Maybe I should also eat and get some sleep. I went in to work and did errands, at least - I tried, but then I forgot what they were. Fading Suns at Brian's tonight - ages since I played a game. Much too long, as I should do it near every night if I could. On the down side - I'm not sure if I can make it the mile up the hill, feeling as I do. It is yet up in the air. Shovelled gravel in the basement on the weekend. Last weekend I made it to the parade with Joe - Good times!

A quick funny parade story - I was yelling cheerfully at most floats. I have been in parades and it is much more difficult and harder work than one would otherwise imagine. So it is important, I think, to let people knoe they are appreciated. So the BCGEU float came up and Joe said he didn't hold much with unions (the folks that brought you the weekend) and I said they were all different, but I still favoured the One Big Union and the General Strike. So for that float I yelled 'One Big Union!' And the woman at the front of the group stopped dead and came over to the curb and demanded 'Who said that?' and I naturally owned up. Well, I know the One Big Union is both radical and old, so I expected a harranging maybe? But no. The woman gave me sets of Mardis Gras carnival beads! An a bottle of Water, which was like a gold brick out htere in the hot sun. In short she was thrilled. And I Got Carnival Beads. Not for undressing, but for being a radical historian! Whoo!

Second life is great. I play it far too long into the night. My Faro game is all set up. Sunday in the game I am hosting an Event - a Faro party and a birthday party, as I am playing, as you all know as I keep saying so, John Henry Holliday, and it is really the occasion of his 154th birthday. Whoo! We are having brilliant discussions, and all manner of fun.

I got some more JHH books on ABE. I will not enumerate them now, but they range from travesties to Wonders. There is one I must burn...

Work on the waistcoats progresses nicely. The fabric is creamy thick real silk brocade with cloth of gold silk brocade in an elabourate paisley pattern. I am trying to figure out the pockets. My ascots came. They are perfect and period - just perfect. Flame, Aqua, Fawn, and Blue/Black paisley, also silk, and they tie exactly right. I couldn't have dreamed them better. I picked up a jacket too, which buttons to the throat so, leave a couple of such undone and it will button exactly high enough. Also a striped summer jacket, correct too for the era - it needs another button, but that can easily be added in this case. I've got real gilt American Civil War era waistcoat buttons coming too. $7 on ebay. Spats should be arriving any day too - one pair fawn and one dark grey.

Patricia is taking me to the Leaky Heaven Circus on Thursday - they sent us free tickets and I shall dress in my ensemble. The theme is Bonobos and we are doing up a monkey window. Good fun! Before it there is a 'Carnival' as follows:
The Happyland Carnival
Unbelievable Living Wonders! Totally True Fortune Telling!
This is nothing tame like ladies and children could see at the downtown opera houses!
Visit the most-post modern carnival this side of the law...
Bring your Curiousity.

I spent yesterday with Gareth9. It rocked - what a great lad! He taught me games and we had all manner of fun.

Tomorrow before work someone is actually coming to see about pouring the slab for the bathroom etc. in the basement. I hope to god this thing gets completed.

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1. Pick one thing from my interests list that you like, and explain why.
2. Pick one thing from my interests list that you don't like, and explain why.
3. Pick one thing from my interests list that surprises you, and explain why.
4. Pick one thing from my interests list that you don't understand, and I'll tell you about it.
5. Tell me one thing that's not on my interests list that should be.

I just about never post. Then I post and it is a meme. *whacks self over head with beam*
I am still reading about John Henry Holliday. I am still playing him in SL. It is what I do, and I do not expect you to be interested. I believe I have made some progress sorting humous from posthumous lies (haha.) I've been working a lot. In SL I have half my Faro game done. I have scripted the casecounter! It took 7 hours yesterday. A waste of time, you may say, but I feel a sense of accomplishment. I have found a nice mahogony box for the real life case counter - I just have to get some thin brass tubing and do a tiny bit of sawing and a great deal of painting. There have been far too few games of late. Alas! Alas! I always seem to be working at inopportune times. I missed Illuminares, damnit all. Whiskey is very good. Mmmnnn, whiskey! I have ordered a number of cravats/ascots. Should be here soon and my late 1800s costume will be slightly better. No luck finding a pocket watch. At the antique show this month I got nothing but 4 pairs of cufflinks ($5) - a good deal. I actually performed the marriage of my friends in SL. It went very well indeed. Odd - I'd always thought I should be a funeral director. The puppy is well. I go the novel Warlock on ebay - first edition, second printing, vg/g in dustjacket. The movie was fantastic. I must watch it again. I want to go to the beach. Anyone want to go to the beach? A friend - Joe - just got back from teaching English in Japan lo these last 3 years. We ought to go for beers soon. I ran into an old and great friend I'd lost on the street - Steve. We should go for beers. I should look up my other friend Tom. We should go for beers. Does anyone want to play cards? How about you, chainring_tat2? How about tomorrow? I was out in the sun all afternoon. I think my thoughts feel funny - kinda swimmy, despite my black western dress hat. Now to get the groceries in the hot sun. Don't get me wrong! Summer is my favourite!

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4 Illuminations v Collaborate!

  • Today is little Daisy's birthday! The puppy is 3 today! I got her buffalo liver brownies, a new water dish and a toy with squeaky bees she can remove from a fuzzy bee hive. I also gave her several extra walks.

  • My papa called. It is apparently the 100th anniversary of my grandmother's (his mother's) birth.

  • I watched Warlock last night, with Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn, et al. Good God, it was a great movie. Heart Wrenching. This was Richard Fariña's favourites. He was apparently always quoting it with friends. I read it long ago, but the impact didn't hit me. Alas! Alas for us all! I ordered a nice copy of the book on ebay.

  • Patricia, my friend/boss gave me... yes! a spittoon! No, really. It's all brass and has 'Indian Tobacco' stamped on it with a picture of an Indian.

  • I've taken up shaving with my nice new straight razor. I must find a strop somewhere...

  • Second Life continues to be just ace. I got a job as... wait for it... a Justice of the Peace so I can officiate at weddings! Whee! and I get to philosophise and recite poetry (i.e. Kipling and Matthew Arnold!). I have made great virtual friends! We are starting an army - a Victorian army - and we've a grand fort. There is a young lad running proceedings and he is abrupt, ambitious and wordy without much inkling of responsibility - it all makes for much hilarity. I've manufactured a bunch of cool coughing .wav files so I can cough now. I am making a faro layout there and JohnHenry Holliday will deal Faro. I am then determined to make one in Real Life. I have Plans!

  • I ordered more books. I am (again) trying to read 'The Frontier World of Doc Holliday'. It is terribly spurious and the writer has him doing all kinds of things that Never Happened, because she just makes it all up based on prevailing trends of the general times. He is now using a crooked Faro box despite the fact that when his family received his effects he had had a straight box - this is only one tiny example. She has also listened mostly to the memoirs of Allie Earp, Virgil's wife who apparently hated both John Henry and Wyatt. Allie too has whacky and wildly improbable scenes (when compared with other memoirs). I've got to read hers and others, so I know which people later authors are quoting. It is a great puzzle. Everyone has reason to lie, so it is a very tangled web indeed.

  • I played The War of 1812 at Trumps on Friday. I was the British and managed to come up the Rear of the Americans and route various units without losing a man or even a morale point.

  • We're playing Thirty on Friday (the Templar RPG.) I'm looking forward to it.

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Game of meme-tag. allogenes tagged me.

Rules: (My interpretation, I thought one was a little unclear.)

* People can play only when tagged.
* Players can make up new questions, delete questions, add questions, or keep the same, whatever they may desire.
* Unless they have medical or religious objections, players ought to have a drink while playing.
* Each player must add (at least) one new question.
* Each player should tag five new players.
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2 Illuminations v Collaborate!
I saw H.M.S. Pinafore tonight with friends. It rocked. I've wanted to see it since I was a kiddie and memorised it, not just the songs, but the dialogue in between. It was not really that good - amateurish, but it was hilarious. Sir Joseph Porter was very darn cool and quite fey. Captain Corcoran was witty beyond the work. Ralph was staunch and word and note-perfect. Dick Deadeye was rather like a Mickey Mouse villain, which is a good thing. Sadly the orchestra was very heavy handed. The music was leaden and even 'When I Was a Lad' was much too slow. Sir JP's acting did make up for this, however. More disappointing were 'A British Tar' which should have been hearty rather than ponderous, and 'Carefully on Tiptoe Stealing' which can and should be rollicking and Loud. I very much enjoyed myself nonetheless. It is the Sea Festival and there were sailing ships staging a mock battle with cannon in the background, which was pretty cool. I'm going to get a wrist band tomorrow and venture forth - anyone with me? *cheeky grin* Damn, had to go to bed and did not get this up in time...

Last weekend was Canada Day and we went out to Fort Langley, dressed all 1860s. We were going to try to mingle with the re-creationists there - The Real Royal Engineers - but they did not show up. We toured a farming machinery museum, which was quite gripping. I especially liked a horse-drawn milk cart, the profusion of ploughs, the small steam engines. We toured the fort. We played 'guess what tool this is' at some of the booths and tents set up in the square with townsfolk also in period garb. It was a beautiful sunny day and there was this second where everything was just perfect and I felt very happy being out there in the country at a fair all dressed up with my friends. We stopped at the home of their friends and my acquaintances for drinks before arriving, which was very pleasant and civilised in a genteel way.
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I've not seen the news, being a rather non-TV person except under pressure.
It seems terrorists have bombed London.
Blair says 'The Terrorists won't win.'
By cracking down on every Brit and Londoner he will surely ensure that they do win.
One can't actually stop terrorists but one can stop a nation from going about its chosen and necessary activities.
I can't tell who did it, but obviously there are intelligent guesses.

If you live in London, have lived in London, or have friends or relatives in London, I am full of sympathy. I naturally would that none of my nor your relatives nor comrades have been hurt, nor their loved ones, but of course such acts hurt us all. London always has a special place in my heart.

Please be well, and especially, be brave, for things will now get worse just as they did in the US and bravery will likely be called for.

Good wishes.

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