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I like to play games and drink whiskey and have fun outside with my friends.
I am always hoping to tell stories.
I am becoming a magician and want to be a dentist.
I practice with cards in every spare second to that end, and I am unapologetic.
I believe the world is a Wonderland.
John Henry Holliday is my friend.
I have a puppy named Daisy. She's great!
I love people too much.
I have a whole bagfull of wacky theories.
I have had an unlikely life.
I want a world without masks.
Strengths: Brilliance, strong will, wonder, a talent for the surprising, whimsy, love, a hope for magic, perspicacity, eidetic memory, logic
Weaknesses: Egomania, stubbornness, excessive enthusiasm, unpredictability, silliness, pain of loss, rejection of the mundane, depression, eidetic memory, logic
Special Skills: Reascendant Nihilism, Algorythmic Representation
Weapons: Magic Mirror, Fists, Guns, my umbrella Horace
Games: Amber, Age of Reason, Arkham Horror, Armada, a|state, Beat to Quarters, Blood Bowl, Blokus, Boot Hill, Call of Cthulhu, Calvinball, Castle Falkenstein, Champions, Chrononauts, Combat Mission, Dead Inside, Deadlands, Doomtown, Fading Suns, Faro, Fingerprints, Flames of War, Flatland, Forgotten Futures, Gear Krieg, Giant Monster Rampage, Gloom, Glorantha, GURPS, HOL, I Ain't Been Shot Mum, In Nomine, Killer, Kingdom of Loathing, Kult, Lashings of Ginger Beer, Law of the Jungle, Little Fears, Little Wars, Metabarons, Memoir '44, Monkey Ninja Pirate Robot, Mordheim, Mythos, Necromunda, Nobilis, Old Trousers, Over the Edge, Paranoia, PDQ (Prose Descriptive Qualities), Pendragon, Penguin Ultimatum, Pirates!, Pirates of the Spanish Main, Poker, RisUs, RoboRally, Savage Worlds, Second Life, Seventh Sea, Seventh Seal, Shivan, Spaceship Zero, Spycraft, Star Munchkin, Sweet Dreams, Thirty, Tri-Stat, Under the Bed, Unknown Armies, WFF 'n' Proof, Whispering Vault, Most White Wolf, X-Crawl, Zombies!!!

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